Five Years Later

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Five Years Later


"I'll see you, girl." I waved at my girl, Ashley, going over to the bleachers to get my bag. We had just finished cheerleading practice, and I was so exhausted. Everyone was just about gone out of the gym.

"Whew." I breathed, slipping on some Pink sweatpants. I looked to the right and my face lit up. "Best friend, you made it!" I cheesed as Aaron walked over with two Chick Fil A bags in his hand and a cup in the other.

"You know I would. Hurry up so I can take you home." I grabbed my bag and we began walking out of the gym together.

"Where did you just come from?" I asked as we walked out of the school, into the parking lot.

"I had basketball practice. You needa stop anywhere?" I shook my head no, getting into Aaron's red Dodge Charger.

Aaron has been my best friend for four years. We've known each other since forever because my Godfather, August, was his dad. Aaron is a year younger than me, but it really hasn't mattered.

"How is your mom doing?" I asked.

"She's aight, her and my dad can't seem to get it right though."

"What's wrong?" I stuffed my face with nuggets and Polynesian sauce.

"One minute they good, one minute he staying the night, the next she's yellin' at him. They are crazy."

"That's how my mom and dad have been, but they're always back together." I shrugged. Minutes later, Aaron arrived at my house. I entered the password to the gate and it unlocked, and Aaron continued driving to the house.

"Aight, I'll see you, boo." Aaron looked over at me, stopping when he got to the front. I squeezed his cheeks kissing one of them, laughing. He hated when I did that.

"Thanks for the ride, bestie. I'll see you in school tomorrow."

"Okay." He unlocked the doors, and I got out. I got my key out, going through the front door.

Going into the kitchen, I placed my Chick Fil A bag on the counter and my cheer bag on the floor. "Sissy." I looked down and saw Nile walk up to me, his curly mane of long, golden hair in his face. It was amazing how his hair changed colors as he grew up.

"Hey, chunky. I got some nuggets, you want some?" He got up on the chair and nodded. I let him have some of my nuggets.

"Where are Twink and Apple?" I asked him drinking my lemonade.

"Basketball practice." I nodded, sitting down.

"N'Aejah!" I heard my dad's voice come from upstairs. I sighed, preparing for the worst.


"How you get home?" I kissed N'Aejah's forehead.

"Aaron as usual. Cheer practice was great, Dad, I wish you would have come." N'Aejah smiled widely.

"Mhm. I told you not to call August and ask for a show at that venue with the girls. I said no for a reason." I sat next to Nae as we both sat in front of N'Aejah.

She was now 15, and was a part of a girl group, NBDLA.

"The group is getting better than ever since we released the EP. NBDLA needs this."

"I said no, and I meant no. It can get crazy there, trust me I know. I prefer you to just focus on school for a while, and I will take over the group and make sure everything is under control-"

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