Ch. 3 (PG-13, V): Justice for One

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“Lucas North, Nightwalker,” Ch. 3 (PG-13, V):  Justice for One, October 31, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace

[This is an original fan fiction story by Gratiana Lovelace;  All rights reserved.

All Spooks characters are the property of the BBC, no copyright infringement intended.] [(1) story logo]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my Spooks dream cast of:

Richard Armitage as Lucas North; Paul Bettany as Klaus Gehrhardt, Peter Firth as Harry Pearce; Hugh Simon as Malcom Wynn-Jones; Hermione Norris as Ros Meyers; Paloma Baeza as Elizaveta Starkova, Emil Hostina as Oleg Darshavin, and others, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note:   This is a short story with mature themes of violence (V), sensuality (S), relationships, and the supernatural--more on the dark side than my other stories.  And I will label the chapters’ maturity rating accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings I provide, then please do not read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.

“Lucas North, Nightwalker,” Ch. 3 (PG-13, V):  Justice for One

Several hours later--after making love with Elizaveta a third time and falling asleep spooning again--Lucas begins to slip out of their embrace and out of her bed.

Elizaveta: Drowsily awakening from Lucas stirring in their bed, she pleads sleepily, seductively. “Don’t go, Lucas.  Stay with me.”

Lucas:   “Always, my love.  But I have some unfinished business I have to attend to.  And then I’ll be back--and nothing will ever come between us again.”  Lucas leans down and kisses her lips and then her neck where he had nibbled earlier--licking up the small amount of blood that he spilt.   He was careful and it was not out of the ordinary of love play.   Then he slips out of bed to make his meeting.  But first, Lucas makes a necessary phone call.


Forty-five minutes later, Lucas walks into an abandoned warehouse [(2) right]  next to an unused boat dock.  It is a familiar area for him--having been exchanged near here when he was released to Harry Pearce one year ago.  Lucas walks to a back door and raps his knuckles on the door five times:  tap tap tap-tap tap. He hears a reply from within on the other side of the door: tap tap.  Then the door is unbolted and Lucas is let in. The back room is lit by only one bare bulb. 

A pale blond man standing guard--Lucas’ inmate and Stoker comrade Klaus Gehrhardt--admits Lucas to the  room.  Several  man wolves are growling hungrily in the shadows.  And two men are bound and gagged, lying on the wet and filthy floor.  The men struggle with their bonds and try to vocalize against their gags when they see Lucas. Though the second bound man looks initially glad to see Lucas, that quickly fades with realization. Lucas does not acknowledge either of them.  Lucas asks the unyieldingly stern looking Klaus [(3)right]  for a status update.

Lucas:  “Have either of them talked yet?   Have they revealed what Sugarhorse is?”

Klaus:  Klaus replies slowly, menacingly, in his heavy German accented Russian accent.  “Nyet.  And we were so patient with Darshavin.”  Klaus’ eyes narrow like slits.  “It has been difficult to keep the werewolves at bay.  They so want to eat their fill.”  

Klaus  cocks his head over to the corner where three man sized wolves are growling and salivating--the bigger one in the center being their leader--though, the werewolves all serve the Stokers vampires Lucas and Klaus.  Lucas slowly turns his head to look at the werewolves [(4) right] and nods as they come out of the shadows briefly to acknowledge Lucas  with respectfully bowed heads, then they retreat back into the shadows.

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