Chapter 5

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   Sheba had never been to Martha Washington's house before today. James and she had asked the General if they could be released from serving as spies, and since Sheba was pregnant, he let them go. So they had decided to go to their new land and start on a house and a farm. Sheba didn't have much, but she put on her traveling dress and brushed her hair with one hundred strokes. Then she fixed her hair into a braid bun. She stayed in the tent until it was time to leave, for fear that Ollie would splash something disgusting on her.

At dawn, the soldiers were up and going, which meant it was time to go. James saddled their horses up swung onto his horse, Sun, while Sheba put a few more things on Moon. Sheba had trouble saying goodbye to Lafayette, who was like a brother to her.

"Watch yourself out on the field," She told him. "You're too good of a man to die out there."

"Oui Madame," he replied, "And you make sure that you raise good children like yourself."

She smiled and he swung her around in circle and then set her down. They hugged, Sheba letting a tear slip out onto Lafayette' s shoulder.

"Visit us sometime?" She asked.

"It would be my pleasure, my lady," he replied.

They said their goodbyes to the rest of their friends and were off. As they rode, they passed farmers plowing their fields, farmboys picking nuts, and women cradling babies. When Sheba saw one young girl holding a newborn, she thought of herself. Soon, she and James would have children crawling all around a pretty little farmhouse. Sheba was looking back at Lafayette, who was still waving at her, until she could see him no more.

They reached Martha's house at dusk. She rushed out.

"Oh, Sheba! James! It's so good to see you! You shall stay with me until your house is built. Come, dinner is waiting." She ushered them inside and led them to a grand dinning room full of lovely paintings and furniture. They sat down at a large table covered in food.

"Why, Sheba!" exclaimed Martha, "It's only been three months since I've seen you, and you've gotten bigger!" Sheba smiled.

"I'm due next spring." Martha hurried over and hugged the girl.

"If you wish my dear, you may stay with me throughout your pregnancy, and I will get you the best doctors to deliver your little treasure." Sheba looked at James.

"We'll think about it," she told her. Later that night, as Sheba and her husband snuggled under warm quilts, she thought about Martha's offer. She had to make a decision by morning. She would figure something out. As she thought, she slowly drifted into sleep.

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