Chapter 3

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    Sheba crept along the forest floor, listening for wild game. It had been a week since she had talked with General Washington, and Larksong seemed to love having Oliver around. And with James up and about, it seemed that it was time to teach him a few things, such as hunting. It took him an hour just to learn how to be quiet and not scare off the deer. Sheba gave up and had him sit by a tree while she hunted.

    She put her ear to the ground, and was immediately shaken by the vibrations. When looked at the ground again, pebbles were bouncing all around. Sheba gasped and ran back to James as fast as she could.

"Run!" She screamed. "Run! Stampede!"

She grabbed James and pulled him up. She could already hear the hooves of buffalo pummeling through the forest. So they ran towards a huge pine tree that loomed up ahead.

"Get up there!" Cried Sheba. The two had climbed up halfway when the buffalo charged through the bushes.

"Hang on!" Yelled James. He held Sheba 's hand as the tree shook. When Sheba looked up, she could see the fear in his eyes. He knew that if he looked into hers, he would see the same thing.

    The shaking seemed to last for a year, until finally, the last buffalo galloped past the tree. They waited a few more minutes and then climbed down.

    The ground was pounded down deeper into the earth. James hugged Sheba and kissed her.

"Let's get back to camp," she said.

"Good idea," replied James. He took her hand, and they walked back to camp together.

   When they got there, Larksong ran out. "Are you ok?" She said in broken English. "I hear buffalo, and I know you there too."

"We're fine, Larksong," said Sheba, "just a little shaken." Larksong sighed in relief. She may have been an Indian, but she had a good heart.

   Oliver ran over and jumped on James' back. James laughed and wrestled Oliver to the ground, and then let Oliver beat him.

"Ok, ok," said Sheba playfully, "I want to keep him in one piece for a while." Oliver got up and ran to his tent.

   James got up and yawned. "Let's go to the tent," he said.

Sheba grinned and followed him. When they reached the tent, Sheba was surprised to see a vase full of pink and white roses, a bowl full of berries, and a bottle of sparkling water. "What's all this?" Asked Sheba when she saw it all. She walked inside. When she turned, James was kneeling and holding a beautiful, silver ring.

"Sheba Gale," he said, smiling, "Will you marry me?"

Sheba could hardly believe it. The boy she loved, the boy she had attacked when they met, was asking for her hand in marriage. She stopped staring and hugged him tightly.

"Yes! Yes!" She said between kisses.

They fell backwards, and tears streamed out of her eyes.

"I love you so much, Sheba Gale Hickey," said James.

"And I love you so much, James Alexander Tory," she replied. She had never been happier in her life.

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