[ iv : in which she gets a partner ]

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"And she just let you go??" Lav asked, incredulously.

I nodded. "Yep. Just like that,"

"Omg I wish she would do that for me. That's sooo not fair!" she pouted.

I chuckled and nudged her. "Oh cheer up Lav, it wasn't that big of a deal."

"Oh yeah!" she exclaimed. "I can't believe you actually do know Seth! Like, omg. What happened? I mean, you obviously hate him now.."

I'd told her I knew him, but I never told her how. Or that he was my best friend. Or that we were really close. I figured that would come later.

I shook my head with a sigh. "It's really complicated," I replied.

"Well, no shit sherlock," Lav rolled her eyes and then squealed excitedly.

"What now, bunny?" I asked her tiredly. We were sitting in my room for lunch and I did not want any more surprises. I'd had enough for the day, and it wasn't even half over yet.

"Omg okay so, like, the principal came in today, during science, when you and Seth were doing god knows what in an empty classroom-"

I interrupted her story with an angry comment. "We were screaming at each other, nothing else,"

She waved it off, like she didn't believe me. Ladies and gentlemen, best friends.

"So, anyway, the principal, like, barged in and omg you will not believe what she said! She was being boring as shit and stuff, and then..." she paused. "She told us that starting this year, we were going to do these projects. And it is to like, teach about having a healthy household and incomes and stuff. Everybody groaned at first, because you know, boring. They're only, like, a month long but like, we get partners. I was like yawn but then she like told us.. All the girls get to have guys as partners!" she squealed like the bunny I always called her, and then continued with a dramatic sigh. "But unfortunately, she already picked our partners."

I groaned. Unlike her, I was very upset at this news. "Great." I said sarcastically. "So instead of having one douchebag in my life, I'm going to have two?" With my luck, I knew I was going to get some douche or the other.

Lav pouted. "You didn't even ask who my partner was! You're a horrible best friend!"

I knew she was just joking, so I just rolled my eyes. "Who's your partner Lav?" I asked.

"Austin Ravvi!" she said with another squeal then clapped her hands like a kindergartener.

I smiled wearily at her. "Good for you Lav," I said, happy for her, but unable to muster up any enthusiasm.

Austin Ravvi was the second most popular guy in our school; right after, of course, Seth Parker. So a month long with that guy? Lavender was none but thrilled to pieces.

"Cheer up Rose, I'm sure it won't be that bad," Lav said with an encouraging smile.

I smiled back. "Yeah I'm sure you're right." I glanced at my watch. "Ahh.. We should head back to school if we want to make it before the end of lunch,"

"Yeah we should," she said with a sigh.

Saying so, we quickly headed out to the car and climbed in just as my mom was about to give us a lecture. Thank god we avoided it.

"Oh hey Lav," I said suddenly as we were driving along the road.

"Yeah?" she glanced at me before turning her gaze back to the road.

"Do you know who my partner is?" I asked. I had been thinking of Seth so much I had completely forgotten to ask.

She shook her head. "Ms.McClure didn't want everyone to be upset or too excited so she told all of ours in private."

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