Lets be friends

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*breathing heavily*

I'm still running me and Tyler run into the empty math room. Tyler locks the door. We go to the corner away from the door. "Tyler" I say out of breathe. "SHHHHHH" he says. "Tyler" I whisper. "What" he whispers back. "I'm scared" I say trembling. He hugs me and doesn't let go. "Me too" he says. Then we hear a door slam from down the hall. "AHHHHH!!!" A girl screams. "Tyler where is Rosie" I say panicking. "Remember she went to an appointment" Tyler whispers. I take a breathe. Then I hear the sick twisted demons voice...Sasha. "COME OUT COME OUT COME OUT!!!" She yells. I close my eyes and I hug Tyler tighter. "AHHHHHH!!! COME OUT EVERYONE!! LET BE FRIENDS" she yells. But I hear her sobbing. I start to cry. Tyler puts a hand over my mouth. "Shhh clover shhh" he says. I then hear a helicopter.

3 hours later...

I'm scared. Tyler is about to fall asleep. We then hear a boy scream. "REGRET THE WEIRD!!!" Sasha yells. Then I hear her bang on the door in the room we are hiding in. I look at Tyler giving him a signal that I'm going to sob out loud. He kisses me.  But he doesn't stop. I guess this is a way to shut me up. "LETS BE FRIENDS" she bangs at our door.

"The window" Tyler whispers in my ear. "We are on the second floor" I say "we might die." "Not die but we might break something" he whispers. "The cops and SWAT are out there waiting" Tyler whispers. "You think we will live or be fine?" I say. "Yes" he whispers.

"do you have your phone" Tyler asks. I pat down myself. I look to the side. I see my phone right in front of the door. "Don't" Tyler says nervously. I start to crawl to my phone. Every time Sasha bangs on other classroom doors I flinch. Then I hear footsteps. I grab my phone. I stay right next to the door where she can't see me. "LETS BE FRIENDS!!!" She yells. I close my eyes. Then she walks away. I run to the corner and I sit on Tyler. I'm scared...I'm nervous... I'm in lockdown.

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