Chapter 4

I pulled my hand back with a jolt. His name sparked a memory from that night, and he said his name as if he knew me. I took in his appearance, trying to remember where I knew him from. He wore a pair of washed out jeans, with a sky blue T-shirt that had dirt smudges every where. His shoes was a plane all black pair of converse. His shoes had red smudges at the top of his shoes. He looked like he had just got through rolling down a hill. His look is what sent the chills up my spine. The way he looked at me, with an evil glint in his eye, it gave off a dangerous vibe. I've seen that look before, and not just from anybody. From him.

'But where?' I questioned myself.

“Nice clothes.” my sarcasm was leaking right off of my tongue.

“Leslie!” my Dad yelled in outrage.

“Are you from Georgia?” I asked looking down at his shoes again.

He saw me staring at his shoes. “Yup, how'd you know?”

“The red dirt. You look like you rolled around in it.” he chuckled. “Or maybe it's just something else.” It looks like it could be red dirt, but then again it looks like something else.

“You say it as if you know me.” Andrew replied.

“Do I?”

“Maybe you do, maybe you don't.”

“Do you?”

“I do, but you may not remember.” A sly grin crossed his face.

“You say it as if you know something I don't.”

“That's because I do.”

I sighed, “I'm leaving now. I don't like him.” I didn't like his game. I have somewhere to be, and his game is only going to hold me up. Maybe Ryan knows him. I'm tired of trying to remember, because every time I try there's always a migraine that comes along with it. I could feel the inside of my head thudding as I thought about it.

“Leslie that was unnecessary!” my Mother yelled, “Now turn around and apologize.” she demanded, but I'm not her little girl anymore. I'm nineteen, which in the U.S.A states I am an adult when I turn eighteen. I don't take orders from anyone anymore. As I was leaving the house I could hear my mom apologizing for my behavior. “I don't know what's wrong with her.” I heard her say. “She's usually really nice.” was the last thing I heard before I shut the door dragging my bags with me.

I jumped into the new car that Ryan had got in place of his Lamborghini, and backed out of the driveway, it's a vintage. It's one of those shiny black cars that you look at and go 'I would trade my car in for that!' I don't know what kind it is or how he got it, but it looks better than the Lamborghini he had. I don't even think they still make engines for this car. That's just how old it is!

Instead of driving back to Ryan's I think I'm gonna head over to Katherine's place. If I'm already there all I will have to do is make a call to Ryan, and try to convince him to let me tell her who I'm staying with. It'll be much easier to convince him then trying to convince him face to face.

The drive to Katherine's house was quite and frustrating. I kept thinking about Andrew. I know him, but how? He's not someone you would want to know, but how do I know this? He dangerous, and yet I don't know why. I can't explain how or why I know him, but I guess that's for him to know and me to find out.

I pulled to a stop in Katherine's driveway and pulled out my phone. I went through my contacts trying to find Ryan's name. I should really put him on speed dial, but I don't know how. I'm more of a texting person. It's easier to keep a conversation than to actually talk to them on the phone. Once I found his number I pressed the little green telephone next to his name and waited for him to answer.

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