1: Prologue

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-:- The Dominant and the Housekeeper -:- Chapter One -:- Prologue -:-

He had always craved a perfect submissive: someone who would do every command and follow his every beck and call. He wanted a submissive who could deep-throat his member and swallow his load without choking or making a face of disgust; that could cease her release until his command; that would never go against his word, despite how unfair the situation may be to them.

Lillian was the perfect submissive; but, after four months of dominating her, he had decided he absolutely hated it.

Yes, she was always obedient, and she excelled in the area of fellatio, and her orgasm control was even better, but she never was out of place. Out of the four months of her service, he had yet to take her over his knee and make her pale ass a warm, cherry red.

And only God knows how his hands were twitching, waiting for that fateful day when she'd make a mistake and he'd have to punish her, before tending to her after-care, rubbing the unopened bottle of lavender scented oil into her skin.

Yet, only He knew when that day was to come... if ever.

He saunters down the hall, opening the door of his submissive's temporary bedroom for the weekend. Peeking in through the crack, he can see her contently sleeping on her side, her long dark brown hair falling down her bare back. Every time she moves, the decently long chain connecting her ankle to the bed post rattles, sending a shiver down his back and directly to his crotch.

Chains were such a fùcking turn on for him.

Unable to resist the temptation laid out for him, he slides into the nearly empty bedroom, shutting the door behind him with a click. At the slightest noise, Lillian shifts again, her movement accompanied by the erotic sound of rattling chains.

A smirk plays on his lips as he pulls a key from the pocket of his slacks, unlocking the padded cuff around her ankle. He carefully removes the cuff, grazing the soles of her feet, which causes her to move in bed again.

He moves to her nightstand, extracting a vibrator from the drawer, before he slowly sheds the blankets from her flawless, naked body. He places the vibrator on the lowest setting and circles it around her nipples, which pebble from the sensation and cool night air.

Lillian's legs subconsciously clench together, but he turns the level up and traces the vibrator down the abdomen, prying her legs back open easily. He can smell her thick arousal fill the air-and he can most definitely feel his-and his smirk deepens. She was always ready for him.

The path circles around her clìtoris, but only when it lands directly on her hardening nub, is when she jolts awake with a soft gasp. "Sir?" Lillian mumbles, her voice still heavy with sleep, but coated with need.

He grins into the darkness as he applies more pressure onto her nub, causing Lillian to emit an even louder, gaspier moan. Suddenly, he pulls back completely, only to place his lips right beside her ear. "Lay flat on your back, and spread your legs further apart," he commands in a husky whisper, and she immediately obliges.

He ventures back down to her core, which glistens under the moonlight, and he resumes his ministrations, circling round and round her clìt on the highest setting, occasionally going on top of it. And only when she's breathing heavily from being so worked up, is when he plunges two fingers into her dripping entrance, causing her back to arch of the bed in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

"Oh... Sir..." she moans breathily. One hand pumps in and out of her as the other continues to toy with her now exposed button. Her arousal freely drips onto the bed, forming a small wet puddle.

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