Hes there for you during transition

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You sit up scared gasping for air. Grabbing the closest thing to you. Stefan. You look in his eyes scared wondering what had happened. " Stefan? Where are we? What happened? " "y/n your ok.. We're at your cousin, Jeramy and Elena's house your ok..." He said graving my face rubbing small circles on your right cheek. You close your eyes and sigh. "Y/n?" He asks but training off. "Is there something wrong?" I ask in concern. "Well, what do you remember last?" "I remember driving with Damon on are way to get you, Tyler and Caroline back from breaking some werewolfs sire bond and and wait we lost control and drove of the bridge.." I say raising my voice a little more at the end "oh my god, is is Damon ok?!?!" I say trying to get up but the sun was shining in and made me sit back down because It was making by eyes hurt. "what's wrong with me?? Stefan.. I-I'm hungry... For blood... " I look at him then he looks down "Stefan why-why am I craving blood??" I ask scared. "Y/n... When you went off the bridge. Damon woke up but... " he looked down.  "But what Stefan.." He looked around the room then back into my eyes."he pulled you out of the car and... And it was to late...luckily you had my blood in your system or... You would have been gone y/n... For ever.." I tried to take in everything that he said I couldn't believe it. "So I'm... " I began "yea.. Y/n... Your in transition.." He said then looked away. "Stef.. I-i can't be a vampire..." I say beginning to cry. "Hey,hey,hey..." He said pulling me into a hug. " you know you don't have to complete the transition..." He said with hurt in his voice knowing he'd loose me. "But Stef?? I-i can't just leave my family,my friends and I-i can't leave you Stefan ...." I say giving him a kiss on this shoulder. "I know but I'm just letting you know your not being forced into this...Here.." He Said pulling away giving me a blood bag, took it from his hands.. I look up at him then back down.. I wanted it I wanted it so bad..I slowly put it to my mouth then drank. I looked in the my reflection in the mirror and saw the veins under my eyes like Damon,Stefan,Tyler, Caroline and every other vampire I knew. Before I knew it the blood bag was empty. I removed it from my mouth then looked at Stefan he smiled at me then pulled me in a hug. "Stefan.." I say/moan he pulled away with a confused look on his face. "Why does it feel so good when you touch me??" He smiled then looked down then back into my eyes. "That's because everything is highdened.... " I look at him then pull him into a kiss. It felt different then any kiss that we had shared before.. I felt every single inch of his lips on mine. I pull away smiling."see?? Fells different huh??" He said with a cute smirk. I laugh then look down then back up at him. "Yea.. It feels amazing.." I say then give him a peek on his cheek. Then jump off of the bed. "Common... I have to see if Damon's alright I feel horrible... For drowning him and killing myself " I say with a laugh. He got up and followed me down stairs. Everyone was down there Elana, Jeramy,Bonnie, Damon,Caroline, Tyler,Matt, Alaric, Enzo, Jenna. They all jumped to there feet when they saw me and Stefan coming down stairs. "Did she drink it??" Enzo asked. Stefan nodded his head with a small smile. "Well... Guess what this means??" Caroline said in her little happy voice. "PARTY TIME!!" And everyone cheered and we went on are way to the mystic grill. "Y/n??.." Damon called after me and Stefan.i turned quickly. "Damon look I'm so sor-" he cut me off "no no no I'm sorry for not getting you out on time... But hey your kinda still alive " he said with a smile. "Nice to have you back.." "Thanks.. For saving me Damon.." I said pulling him into a hug. Then pulled away with a smile on both of are faces. He went back to Elana, i then got in the car with Stefan. "Stef??" He turned to me."y/n??.. Is something wrong??" "Oh, no no.. Um I just wanted to tell you something.." I said looking down playing with my fingers."I remember.." I said looking up at him and he looked at me confused. "I remember that night what you compelled me from... Why didn't you just tell me??" He still looked confused.
*Flash back*
I picked up my phone
"Yes Stefan.." I answered with a smile on my face.
"Hello beautiful..um can you meet me at my house in ten?"
"Oh yea.. I'm actually already on my way so less then ten " I say with a laugh "Oh ok well Ill see you when you get here..bye y/n.."
"See you later Stef.."
I wanted to say it I want him to say it.. But Ig it is a little to early for that but still I do.. I love Stefan Salvatore...
                ~later on ~
I opened the door. "Stefan??" I call out to him. No answer. "Ugh... Damon?? " and in a flash Damon was in front of me. "Um hey, do you know where Stefan is??" I said with a smile. "Oh,yea he's out back.. He told me to tell you when you got here to go find him " he said with a smirk then a wink. I started laughing I thanked him and went to play 'hide and seek' with my vampire boyfriend. I couldn't help but giggle at the thought. "Stefan?!?" I went out to the woods in the back. I was kinda getting scared because it was getting dark and I was all alone and I as turning to go back and see if Damon was just playing with me, but I turned to Stefan I screamed in fear. And feel on my butt. He laughed and helped me up I laughed along with him. When he polled me up are faces were so close to each other's I wanted to kiss him but i was scared He looked down at my lips and I did the same to his and then he leaned in slowly seeing if I was going to stop him but I closed the space between us and we made out for like literally a long time. Then we pulled away and he opened his mouth as if he had something to say. "What we're you going to say??" I asked looking into his eyes. He looked down and his face  was blush red, I smirk knowing I made him blush. Then he looked up into my eyes and said very lovely. "Y/n... I-I love you..." I was shocked when those words left his mouth. "You know what I shouldn't have said that or kissed you.. Oh my god.." He said pulling away I was confused I was going to say something but he got to it before I did. "I know I promised I would never do this but I have To because I know you don't feel the same way.. Y/n you won't remember anything that had just happened.. You just came over we had fun and nothing really happened.. Then you went home..I'm sorry " he whispered the last two words. Then dashed me to the car and dashed in side. Then I drove home with out knowing what had really happened until I turned.
*Back to Present Day*
He looked down in disappointment. "Why?? You promised me Stefan... You promised" as tears feel down my face. "I knew you didn't feel the same way... I though I went a little to fast... I'm sorry.. I really am.. I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart.." He said looking out the window. "Stefan I knew... I knew you were the one I would say those tree words to.. You should have just left it be.. Because when you called me that day before I went to the house.. I wanted to say it to you but I thought you didn't feel the same way but when you said those words my heart fluttered I was going to say it back but it was to late.. You had compelled me to forget... " I said looking down then back to him. His eyes were watering and he had a shocked expression on his face. I grabbed his face then said In a whisper. "Stefan I love you.... " I felt him flinch. Then a tear feel down his face then he grabbed my face and then pulled me in for a kiss, are lips moved perfectly together.As he pulled away he smiled and said lower then ever "And y/n... I love you.. I love you so much.." He then pulled me back into a heated kiss. We were interrupted by Enzo knocking on my window. We both looked and he had a smirk on his face the I rolled the window down. "Yea??" I ask "are we leaving or are we to caught up in what we're doing.." He said with a laugh. I roll up the widow then look back at Stefan then give him a peek on the lips. "Let's go.." I smiled and got one in return. "I love you.." He said giving me kiss on the cheek. "I love you..." I said back.
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