The fast patter of the helicopter rotors matched the frantic beat of my heart as me and my squad moved in to an over run airport that makarov and his thugs trashed a couple weeks ago. Anyway the russians had invaded it and we had gotten word of it about 2 days ago and command finally decided to send us in. I for one was itching to shoot the scum that killed all those innocent people and then some. 

"Rometan get ready to land!" my Staff Sargant yelled  over the radio and i jumped at the loud sound that almost drowned out the loud roar of the Black hawks engine as we descend to or LZ. I got M4 assault rifle out and checked if it had a full clip... it did as always. But my Barrett handgun only had 10 rounds left given its 16 round capacity. I mentally kicked myself for forgetting to fully load it. As the rope dropped I had this weird feeling that someone was watching us. Just then out of the corner of my eye I saw an enemy solider pop out of his cover with an RPG at the ready. In a panic of thinking i should open fire or tell somebody i instinctively yelled at the top of my lungs, "RPG!". I put my rifle scope to my eye and fired a short burst toward the adversary. It  hit him spot on and he went down before he could fire the rocket at our helicopter. But the loud shout caused our pilot to instinctively swerve out of the way. Alert and nervous  i climbed down the rope and waited for the rest of my squad to join me.

My squad consisted of 5 men: me, my sstg. Jacob O'riely, our demo man pvt. Cole Rienheart, and the twins Ally and Eric Trenton... both privates. The  sarge started barking orders to the twins who were both tall and scrawny and couldn't lift a Stinger to save their lives as they joined us at the bottom of the rope.  Me and Cole are probably the sarges favorite. We've both had more experience than Eric and Ally combined and are better trained plus I'm a pretty good shot and Cole can blow up an M1 abrams tank with 1 frag grenade. When are squad settled down we started drawing battle plans off of the blueprints we got from the mission briefing. I was told to go to the cockpit of the airplane that was hooked up to the passenger loading dock. Once i got their i switched my M4 to single shot and attached my ACOG tactical scope, and silencer to it and put in a full magazine. Sarge and Cole's job was to go down the corridor leading to the escalators and take out any targets in that area. Ally and Eric's job was to go into the Burger Town and take out any enemy patrols.

As soon as i saw Sarge and Cole enter the hallway i aimed down my scope and scannaed for any potential threats. At about half way down the corridor i got to a news stand.... and right there i saw a figure in full mimitary uniform a Russian solider. He didn't look suspicious so i figured he didn't know that Sarge and Cole were right down the hall. I radioed in telling them that there was an enemy up ahead. "Roger that, moving to cover now" he said. I moved my scope over to Cole and saw that he was seperated from Sarge and was prone on the floor hiding behind a luggage cart and then i saw the sarge hiding behind a wall.suddenly Eric "Rometan! we need help Ally's wounded and I'm trying to fight off a group of spetsnaz. We need reinforcements!!!!"...... I wasn't surprised at all. But still i had to tell the Sarge "hey Sarge uh Ally and Eric are in some deep shit and they need help permission to rendezvous with them?"........ there was no response for a couple of seconds and then finally "permission granted! god dammit Cole get over here!!" i could here shots being fired in the background i replied.

"Uh you guys need some help?"

"Nah no need we got it" right after he said that there was an explosion.

"Crap not again!" he screamed. Then the line died. I half sprinted half fell to the place were Ally and Eric were and it didn't look as bad as Eric had said. Ally had only a minor flesh wound that had stopped bleeding and Eric had killed off the spetsnaz they were both curled up against the back of the counter. As soon as he heard my footsteps he popped up like a rabbit in a hole and pointed his P90 sub machinegun at me and i raised my hands up and said "Hold on there Eric it's just me"

"Jesus! I hought you were Spetsnaz  dont snee-" thats all he got to before he got shot. He went down with a loud scream. Someone yelled "hit the deck" I couldn't tell who said it but I Listened to the voice and went into a full fledged belly flop and hit the ground hard. When i opened my eyes i heard a loud scream i thought it was Eric but it  wasn't. It was the russian spetsnaz that was shooting at us then something stood over me and held out its hand...... i took it. When I got up i realized that it was Ally that helped me up. The bleeding in her left shoulder had stopped but she had a nasty scare on her right cheek that was still bleeding. After Ally and me got Eric taken care of we started to go in the direction of Cole and Sarge when we hit resistence from the Russians.  Eric dived in to cover Ally and I opened fire. Ally missed her shot but i got him in the leg and he went down with a yelp. I rushed over to him and I rushed over to the Russian and lifted him up with one hand and put my hand gun on his forehead. Since we learned Russian in training i asked him how many left of them their were and he told me there was 8 left. He also said if I let him go he would tell his squad mates that he had heard something so they would walk right into our trap. About 12 minutes later I saw the Russian whos name was victor, he told me he had family living in Chicago and he wanted to get back to them. When Victor showed up with his squad i counted all of them.... 8 just like he said. Me and Eric were sharing the same cover and Ally was right across the hall. I put up 3 fingers as a count down to when we shoot, Victor was supposed to jump out of the way when he saw us and avoid being killed. 3....2.....1 "OPEN FIRE!!" as soon as they heard that Eric and Ally popped up from there cover and started unloading there cips into the enemy soliders almost all of them went down only 5 went for cover one of them being Victor. We had 4 highly trained black ops Russian Spetsnaz acting like little girls hiding behind luggage carts. I saw one of them pop there head out and i brought up my rifle up and fired on shot his head exploded in a mist of red and his body fell to the floor i saw Victor race over to one of his squadmates and shoot him in the back.... I forgotten  that Victor was here and then he ran over to us their were only 2 left. Ally ran out of clips just then and Eric was low on ammo I also was low on ammo. Victor and me both went out of our cover to take out the remaining enemies in wich we succseeded in doing so..... but as soon as they went down about 6 more arrived "I thought you said ther were only 8 left!?!" i shouted to Victor

"I didn't know they would send reinforcements" he replied

"awwwww shit!" I yelled but as soon as they came they were gone they all fell to the floor in less than 6 seconds but it wasn't us who had killed them. I stood up keeping my eye on the bodies in the floor when something tapped my shoulder I wipped around only to see Sarge right there with a grin on his face "nice job Eli there's a promotion coming your way" he said

"Hello sir my name is Victor" Victor said....wait Victor! I had comepletly forgot to tell Sarge about Victor how was he going to react. His face darkened the smile goneamd he pulled his handgun out of its holster put it in Victors face "no! sir don't he helped us" Eric said. Sarge looked not bothering to take the gun off Victor at Eric and scowled  

"really rookie you really think im gonna believe that?"

"no, sir you don't undestand Victor helped us kill these guys, he even has a family in Chicago, sir you have to believe us!" I said. Then he looked at me stared at me for a couple of seconds then lowered his gun and faced Victor " well then welcome aboard solider" sarge said, and shook Victors hand and then called for an evac we waited for about 15 minutes until we heard the patter of the helicopter we went outside to the LZ and boarded the Blackhawk as we flew away i stared at the airport as it got smaller and smaller until it was engulfed by the horizon that had alot of black silhouettes against the wonderful blue, purple, pink, and yellow sunset and thought "I am NEVER going to go back there again"


Hi their people this is my first out of many short stories i will be writing they take place in the maps of the famouse game Modern Warfare 2 they will all be about maichest hat i have played but i have enhanced them with new characters and emotions i hope you guys like it! :)

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