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it was probably around 2am and when my eyes opened to darkness i knew it was to hot and sticky to sleep i sat up quietly, careful enuf not to wake my best mate beside me on the mattress, and eased myself off the bed. i was wearing next to nothing jst claires lacy red bra and black thong. it had to be over 25° i thought as i snuck down the stairs hugging the wall. claires mum was asleep on the couch n i didn't want to wake her especially with the things i had on. As i stepped outside the house into the wet grass i looked around to c if there was anywhere i could cool off i spotted the lake n thought id take a dip. i paddled in the water till i was up to my knees then i reached behind me and undid the bra Claire lent me i didn't want to ruin it. when i heard a soft splash i turned around as i did the bra straps slid from my shoulders Claire stood a few feet from me glistening in the moonlight and staring straight at my bare chest her eyes moved over my body from my face to the bra dangling from my hand to my breast and then to my totally naked ass and legs. I realised this was an awkward situation and hugged the bra to my chest covering my suddenly tender breasts and surprised by how hard my nipples became. I saw Claire realise the situation as soon as i did "sorry i didn't know you were going to take off your..."my near voice quietened and i rushed to reassure her. its totally fine there's no way you could av known. "i just thought id take a dip in the lake cause its so hot" trying not to make things worse i asked her to swim with me i threw the bra on shore and jumped in 2 the water.."come on its lovely" i said watching her. she undid her top buttons and pulled her shirt over her head as she stretched her arms over her head her beautiful breasts rose and then fell as she dropped her arms she walked with in a foot of me and stretched out her arm to brush a piece of hair behind my ear that fell beside my cheek avoiding my eyes she said in her soft voice "i want you Kate" i stared at her too shocked to speak it was so direct at long i closed the distance between us and even more slowly i leaned over 2wards her and our lips met and the sensation was suprising so much more pleasant then i thought without being aware i pulled her to me every inch of our bodies touched an our lips were locked,mouths opened greedily exploring every inch of her mouth my teeth biting her lower lip gently and i heard her moan i didn't care. her hands travelled down my bare ass and rested on the waistband of my thong. i let her slide the thong from my waist. her skin was the softest in the world. as her timid lips brushed my nipple i ran my fingers thru her hair an a groan of pleasure escaped my lips. her tongue traced wet circles around my areola, tickling and pleasuring me in the most exquisite way i lifted her chin and found her lips with mine once again. i slowly pulled down her underwear tossing them 2wards shore my fingers slipped between her legs and as my thumb brushed her clit i felt her shiver.."is this ok" sliding 2 fingers inside her feeling the warm wetness and the pulsing of her desire. i began to thrust gently in and out and her breathing already heavy became laboured i drew my face from hers to c her eyes closed and mouth open as she gasped with pleasure..i slipped a 3rd finger in her and thrusted harder. i kissed her neck then sucked on the skin wanting every part of her i found her clit with my other hand and teased it then began stroking in circles her entire body went tense and she let out a high pitch scream despite her best efforts to stay quite. i removed my fingers and placed them gently on her swollen clit gently massaging her vaginal walls till her breathing became normal again. i held her in my arms and kissed her. i suddenly felt awkward again she was my best mate an we just shared this intimate moment and i didn't know exactly how to deal with that i looked at her.."Claire??"...moving closer to me she ran her hands over my back and i felt the possessive nature of her touch i was hers now she had claimed me and i had claimed her. Don't talk now she said as she took my hand and led me to shore.."we need some sleep or mum will be wondering y were so tired" she said putting back on her wet underwear and trying to fix her top. i reached for my bra and thong that hung from a branch i hung them on. she stepped towards me and slowly slipped the bra straps over my arms, then moved behind fastening the clasp as her lips touched my neck and her breasts pressed against my back...pulling her to the ground with me we lay in the sand with her on top of me..she kissed me and kissed my breasts so many times i lost count. i closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure. her hand hesitated at my belly button then ventured lower she used 2 fingers of her right hand to rub my clit with definitive strokes not too gently as i had expected from her and not too forcefully and within seconds i felt more aroused than ever..i wanted her fingers inside me and sensing my desire she slipped in 2 fingers copying what i did at the lake.then i felt her move off me i opened my eyes to see her crouched between my legs her tongue ran over my inner thighs, then she sucked kissed n licked my clit. i was amazed how good she was at this..who would have thought compared to my bf he was awful..i couldn't think anymore because her tongue was inside my pussy licking up the juice that dripped from me her left hand was massaging my clit and the other stroking my thigh i watched her amazed at the intensity of my pleasure and hers..i then felt my body tense my eyes squeeze shut a powerful warm feeling spread from were her tongue touched me to the tips of my fingers and toes. i knew i should keep quiet but couldn't help moaning then a gasp tore from me as the wave of pleasure grew stronger. her lips were on mine once again and as the feeling finally subsided i felt her tongue run over my upper lip tasting my own juices on her..we lay entangled in one an others arms for hours drifting in and out of sleep blissful despite the heat, until the break of dawn the light in the sky warned us that claires mum will soon b awake so we got to our feet and i stepped into the thong id been unable to put on the night b4..we shared one last long kiss b4 rounding the corner and walking up the road to home we climbed the stairs as silently as possible and settled back on the mattress exhausted we fell asleep with our hands touching.

             DRESS UP FANTASY

Ok so we both get dressed up me in a coppers outfit u in all black i give you 2 mins to go hide in my house somewhere i wait till the 2 mins are up then start looking for u after 5 mins u cough and give away were u are pulling u out of the hiding space i grab ur hands and put them behind ur back u start swearing at me and trying to wriggle ur way out but i pull ur arms harder and push u against the wall kissing and biting ur neck u tell me to get off but i just laugh and take out my trojen stripping off ur clothes i keep u pushed up against the wall kissing ur neck and running my trojen across ur nipples then down over ur thighs i grab hold of ur breast and start sucking on ur nipple u moan a little but still try to put up a tough front by growling at me to get off i come back up n grab ur chin then the back of ur neck i kiss u on the mouth and u bite my lip hard i pull off and there's blood on my lip i tell u that's a big mistake and take my trojen and rub it between ur legs rubbing ur clit hard with it u start heavy breathing and moaning so i rub harder the trojen is soaking with ur juices i carry on rubbing it and kiss ur nipples then suck and rub my tongue really hard over it...u can't stand the pleasure from both the trojen and my mouth ur knees start to go all weak as the orgasm runs thru ur body i sit and laugh at u thinking ur so bad i whisper to u to cum for me u naughty girl and as the last word rolls off my tongue u moan really loud and ur body starts shaking as ur juices roll down the trojen i take it away from between ur legs and start licking it off asking u if u wanna taste aswell..i take a big lick so there's juices on my tongue and kiss ur so u can taste it in my mouth as i take my lips away from urs u go all weak and ur eyes close as u lie on the floor exhausted i pick u up n place u on the bed and go into my closet and take out another set of cuffs and ties and tie u too the bed and blind fold u as u wake up after a few mins u stArt shaking ur head asking for help i smile but remain silent i take the riding crop from beside my bed and run it over ur chin and down ur neck and over ur solid nipples and ur moan a little and i carry on down ur stomach and then rub up pussy with it u arch ur back begging me to stop so i lightly whip ur thigh with it telling u if u can't do the time don't do the crime u grind ur teeth and then smile telling me to do my worst i bite down on ur nipple cause u too yelp i then trace my tongue down ur stomach taking light nips as i do..i get down to ur pussy and lick ur clit running two fingers into ur hot wet hole fingering u hard as i lick u try to move ur legs but there tied into place i then take my fingers out and place them on either side of ur clit and rub around in circles flicking my tongue over and back horizontally over ur clit and put one finger on the skin between ur pussy and ass hole u go mad u start screaming legs shaking as u cum hard the juices start running down ur hot slit i lick them up and move back up to ur face kissing u again and removing the cuffs on ur hands guiding them to hold my boobs n squeeze while i lean back and finger u so fast and hard tears roll down ur cheeks and u scream my name panting and squeezing my nipples hard as u cum again and again i move my fingers from inside u and put them in my mouth to taste then i remove ur blind fold to see the exhaustion in ur eyes i kiss u and remove the ties from ur feet before lying beside u and pulling u onto my chest and pulling the quilt over us before running my hand Thru ur hair and kissing ur head as u sleep on my chest xx

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