Renesmee Cullen's Little Sister

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Hey Guys! I pulled down the first version of this story to edit it. I should be updating about once a week, and I promise to do a better job this time. I'm really excited about this story. Hope you enjoy it!


“There is another one?” was the last thing that Bella heard before slipping into a dark state and beginning her transformation into a vampire. A small pink child was tightly curled into a ball. He quickly pulled the child out and handed her to Carlisle, who had only shown up in the last few milliseconds. 

She was much smaller that her sister had been. Edward had missed her when trying to deal with Jacob and a dying Bella. Edward couldn’t find any thoughts from the child and her heartbeat was much quieter than her sisters. All of this seemed to explain how he could not have detected another child earlier. 

“Yes, Carlisle, somehow, she slipped past all of us.” He responded quickly before turning his back on Carlisle and starting work on Bella.

Carlisle took the infant out of the room and into his office. There he gave her a quick check up, making sure that all of her vitals were strong. Besides from being a bit small, especially when in comparison to her sister, she was fine. As he walked out of the room with the young infant, she let out a great big yawn, making her hands form tiny fists and reaching them towards the ceiling.

Figuring that she was tired, Carlisle took her into his and Eseme’s bedroom. Once she was in the middle of the bed wrapped in a very fluffy blanket, Carlisle went down stairs to tell the rest of the family the good news. As he walked down the stairs he saw Jacob imprint on the other child, Renesmee. In all of the confusion of imprinting and the family’s reactions, the little girl in the bedroom slipped everyone’s minds.

Mercy’s Point of view-

The day of my birth, and the days that followed, were not the happiest times of my life.  Everything was going fine the day of my birth and then my idiot of a sister just had to go and bite mom. I sat inside of my mother for a little bit longer waiting for Jacob’s and the man that I assumed to be my father to stop arguing. The bronze haired man still didn’t notice me, even as he began resuscitations on my mother. The venom was taking over too much of my mother if I didn’t do something immediately I was going to die. I let out a screeching cry.

 The bronze haired man looked down at me curiously and quickly reached in and grabbed me. He pulled me out of my warm haven that I had been in for the past few weeks. His eyes were a medium topaz color, and his skin was a cold, hard, white.  His thoughts suddenly began to bounce around in my head.

‘How had I never heard her thoughts? She must be a shield like her mother. Her gift devolved quickly, I wonder why?’

Once his though came to an end others began to pop into my head.

 ‘She’s so cute.’

‘Will Bella be alright?’

‘Come on Rose; don’t look so sexy, not here.’

I hear another man’s thoughts; his were getting louder. I guess that he was getting closer and that that way the reason why. A blond, almost white, haired man entered the room; he looked older then the man who was currently holding me. His eyes were the same color as the man with the copper color, and his skin just as pale. He looked at the copper haired man as he handed me over to the blond man.

“There was another one?” Blondie asked.

I assumed that the copper haired man was Edward.

“Yes, Carlisle, somehow, she slipped past all of us.”

The blond man took me away from my mother and into another room where he weighed me and checked me all over with these cold metal instraments. I had suddenly become very tired and all of these strange voices in my head were not helping the problem. I let out a big yawn; well it was big from me. The man must have picked up on the fact that I was tired. He took me into a bedroom and wrapped me in a in a very fluffy blanket, He then left the room. The voice got much, much louder and then they slowly quieted down to a relaxing hum, which lulled me off to sleep.

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