Chapter IX: The Sacrifice

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Chapter IX: The Sacrifice



"Goodnight Kyungsoo" I stood up

"Goodnight LuHan. Sweet dreams" He stood up and walked


I walked slowly to my room and entered. I saw SeHun playing on his phone.

"Hey love" He greeted me with a smile

"Hi. Aren't you going to sleep yet?" I asked him

"Actually, I'm just waiting for you" He replied

I jumped on the bed and cuddled with SeHun. His arms makes me feel safe. He takes my worries away.

I kissed him on the lips. I turned over and lied on top of him. I started kissing his neck.

"Hmmm... LuHan.." SeHun was moaning. To his moan, I felt myself get hard. I felt his member also got hard by my kissing.

I stopped, I took of his shirt and caressed his chest. He went up causing me to lie on the bed. His moist lips crashed on mine. He stripped me fast, that I just noticed I'm wearing nothing.

SeHun stood up and took off his pants. I saw his raging member. I stood up and kissed him. Our kiss makes us even hotter.

"SeHun-ah....e-en...ter me" I can't hold it anymore

He poured oil on his member and same with my entrance. He slipped his finger in my entrance and I felt fire in me.

I felt the head of SeHun's member on my entrance. He pushed it in me. As held his arm, my grip tightened. SeHun started moving and I felt crazy moaning and moaning.

Few minutes later, "Lu-LuHan...I can't hold it anymore...I-" He was cut and I felt hot in me.  After he came, he held me and stroked it fast. I came. We both felt tired and I fell on his arms. We both fell asleep.

An explosion woke me up and SeHun.

"What was that!?" I asked SeHun

"I don't know! We should get to the others." He answered

SeHun wore a shirt and boxers. I just wore a large, white, long-sleeved polo because we were in a rush.

When we got outside, I saw Suho, Chanyeol and Xiumin fighting these rabbit-like creatures. The main door was a wreck and blocks of the walls were scattered.

"What's happening here!?" SeHhn shouted as he punched the monster

"The Matoki's! They found us!" Chanyeol shouted

A matoki was about to chase me but Kai punched him on the face. I lifted blocks and struck the incoming Matoki's from outside. They were so many that I lost count.

"Lookout!" I shouted as Baekhyun was about to be hit but I lifted the Matoki first and threw it to another.

"Thanks!" Baekhyun thanked me

I turned back and my eyes widened. All of them were held by the Matoki's including SeHun.

A god-like man was approaching them.

"Hi. You must be...Lu...LuHan?" He asked me

"What do you want?" I asked

"You" He answered

"So, you are the Prince that they're talking about. What a disappointment. I thought you'll look lavish and stuff. But I was wrong." I said trying to piss him off

"What did you just say?" He was about to grab me but got electrified instead because of my force field

"Hmp. You look so inviting. You're irresistable. But your beauty is dangerous to approach." He said getting cheesy with me

"Let them go" I said

"If you will come with me, I will let them go" He said

"And why would I go with you?" I asked

"Because...If you want your partner to live, you WILL come with me" SeHun gasps for air as the Prince lift his hands up

"Time is ticking. In a couple of minutes, he'll die." He said

"Stop! You're killing him!" I shouted

"Then come with me" the Prince said

"No! don't go with him!" Sehun and the others were shouting

If I stay here any longer, I will just become a burden to them. I don't want them to suffer.

As much as I love SeHun, I don't want him to die. Also, I don't want to risk the lives of my friends.

"Fine, I will go with you, but release them first." He grinned

"Let them go" They released SeHun and the others

I held the Prince's hands. He pulled me onto him and carried me bridal style.

"No! LuHan!" I heard SeHun shouted

"I'm sorry. I won't forgive myself if something happens to you and them. Always remember that I love you SeHun, always have and always will" I said my last words

I didn't look back, I didn't want to see them blaming me if something happens to their partners. All I know is, it will be safer for them if I'm not around.


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