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~Not my art~

They say don't have fears. But it's hard not to. I have a ton of bullies. I'm abused by my mom. I'm alone. I'm afraid. I don't know what to do. When I was younger I was told I was beautiful. But I turned 16. Guys had crushes on me. I denied all. Then two came. They wouldn't stop. They kept trying. Then I finally denied them. They spreaded rumours. Some not true. One true. The one by I really liked. And they told him. He would always walk up to me and make fun of me.
But the worst thing he did. Was date me. He was terrible. He abused me. Then my dad found out. When I was at his house my dad drove there with a shotgun. But he had  a knife. And he killed my dad. The police thought it was me. Same for my mom. She blames me everyday. My life was destroyed.
I never thought my life would be OK.

But then he came.
And made me smile
Be happy
He helped me with my life
This is my story
So sit down
And enjoy
The ride
Cause your in for a treat

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