Thorns in the Shadows Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 

Layla's POV: 

Well okay I lied. I am SO bored right now! Sitting in this class is boring the crap out of me! This teacher NEVER stops talking! I have come so close to throwing my shoe at her multiple times already. Although, this class isn't the worst one. I have already went through 5 periods and 2 and 3 were the worst ones. Here is my schedule in basic words. 

1. P.E. (like that one the teacher is kinda scary but nice.) 

2. Reading 

3. Writing (they are the worst so far!) 

4. History (Love it!) 

5. Exploratory (She never shuts up!) 

6. Math 

7. Science 

I haven't had math and science but I heard some things and they weren't too bad. Plus it has to be better than writing and reading. It can't get worse than that... At least I hope that it can't... I soon got lost into thought. 

"Layla!" That pulled me out of my thoughts quick. 

"Oh um yes Ms. Parley?" 

"Well? Do you know the answer to my question or not?" Crap what was the question what was the question!!?? 

"No electronics are allowed on campus during school hours..." I heard whispered 


"That's the answer" I heard Ms. Parley clear her throat 

"Oh. Um yess. No electronics are allowed on campus during school hours." 

"Yes... that's right." She turned around, and mumbled something under her breath and continued her lecture. I turned around to see who my helper was. My mouth dropped open with a popping sound. HE WAS HOTT!!! He had short black hair. It was spiked up. He had on a tight t shirt and jeans. I closed my mouth and had to hold back from screaming in joy. I look at him once more and realized that I had a couple other classes with him but I never really got a good look at him to see how hot he was. 

"Thank you" I had to whisper so that Ms. Parley wouldn't hear me. 

"Sure" he then smiled at me. Wow. 

"Hi. I'm Layla" I reached out my hand and he reached out and shook it 

"Isaiah" I love his name! 

"Nice to meet you. What's your class schedule?" He handed me his schedule. 

1. History 

2. Reading 

3. Writing 

4. P.E. 

5. Exploratory  

6. Math 

7. Science 

"I have 5 classes with you." I told him and then the bell began to ring. Lunch time. 

"Good so that means that we will be seeing each other often." As he said this he smiled and got up and walked out of the room. All I could do was stare after him dazed. Man, I am gonna love this school!! I got out of my seat and started towards the cafeteria. The scariest part of the first day of a new school is finding a place to sit without looking like a complete loner. While walking I saw my brother and three girls drooling over him. He has dirty blonde hair and it kinda just sits messy. That is a look that hardly anyone would be able to pull off but it was Blake. He could pull of anything. He has green eyes that have brown mixed in with it. I was so jealous of him for that reason. He looked over and saw me. Left the girls-they don't look to happy about that either-and walked over to me. The girls grunted at me so I smiled and then they turned and began to walk towards the cafeteria. 

"Well it looks like your day has been going good" I told him as pointed my thumb over toward the girls that just walked away. 

"I guess but I still miss Ashley" ah Ashley. She was Blake's girlfriend before she dumped him when we moved here. It really hurt him. He loved her. A LOT. It was hard on him he looked like he was a zombie for like 3 weeks. It scared me. 

"Aww Blake please it's a new start she broke up with you. There are so many girls here and they are all hanging all over you." 

"Ya I know but still it's not the same. She was special. There is no one in this school that can replace her." A group of girls walked by and he turned in awe.

Blake's POV:  

Holy shit! I couldn't even remember what I was just talking about. This girl was amazing. The way she walked even made my head spin. Wow. She had the perfect body shape. The most amazing ass. 

"Hello? Blake? Earth to Blake!" Layla was snapping her fingers in front of my face. 

"Oh ya what were you saying?"  

"We were talking about Ashley." 


"Ashley! You know your ex? Dude what has gotten in to you?" I glanced over at the hottie and then back at Layla. Crap she caught that! I am never going to hear the end of that. 

"Oh My Gosh! You were so checking her out!" 

"No I wasn't. What are you talking about?" but yet again I had to look over at her and she saw that to. "Okay I am. But do you know who she is?" 

"Ya her name is Mimi. I have P.E. with her." 

"Did she talk to you at all?" 

"Not really but she introduced herself and said that if I ever needed anything that I could ask her but that's it. Geeze you really are checking her out aren't you?" 

"Ya, I guess I was." Of course I was. What guy in their right mind wouldn't be checking her out?  

"Well lets go to lunch I am starving." 

"Okay. Come on" I was still looking at Mimi. When a guy walked up to her. I then saw who the guy was, it was the same guy that grabbed my sisters ass this morning!! Ugh I still want to beat the shit him but he wouldn't be messing with either of us again. His arm was in a sling and his nose had one of those things on it from when it broke. Haha sucker that will teach you not to mess with my sister or me again won't it!  

"Dillon? Oh my gosh babe what happened?" Wait babe? Dillon? Well hell! 

"HE happened" he said as he pointed over at me. Shit that's no to good of a first impression 

"Who are you?" wait was she talking to me? Ya she was. 

"I'm Blake." 

"How could you do this! It was your first day here and your already get-" Layla cut her off short 

"Hey, hey stop right there Mimi! The only reason that Blake did anything to your boyfriend was because he grabbed my ass and started running his frickin mouth so Blake warned him and he didn't listen so he kicked his ass." 

"Wait! You did what?!" 

"Babe you're going to believe her?" She started to shake her head and then she slapped him in the face. That pissed him off and he started towards her. I stepped in between of him and her and puched him in the jaw.

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