Chapter 2

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Harry's POV
"Oi Harry, Dumbledore is calling a meeting for everyone." Ron called up to my room at the Burrow. After the war I moved here while I waited for the new school year to start, so I can redo my 7th year. It was odd that Dumbledore was calling a meeting after the war ended, but I wouldn't question him. (FWI most of the good guys that died in the book are alive in mine. You were warned) 

I came down the stairs to find that everyone that was in the order of the Phoenix was there. Dumbledore started to talk "Everyone listen up, I have discovered something. When Voldemort was still somewhat human, he had a companion by the name of Chloe Hart. She became pregnant and ran for fear of what Voldemort would do. She came to the US and married a man named Jerry Jackson. The child's name was Sally Jackson. She lives in New York with her son Percy Jackson. Now before you freak out, I have reason to believe that Sally is a squib who has no idea of her parentage. Percy, however, is displaying signs of having magic and we need to bring him to Hogwarts to learn to control his magic." 

As soon as he was done talking everyone erupted in protest while I sat quietly frozen. The man who killed my family has one. I raised my voice over everyone else. "When?" That one word sent everyone into silence.

 "I'm leaving now and I would like Harry, Hermione, and Ron to come with me."

 I stood "I'll go."

 " So will we" Ron and Hermione stood also. We all walked to Dumbledore. Every one hand on. We all grabbed on to Dumbledore and with a loud crack, apparated to America

Percy's POV

I was sitting at the table in my apartment when a knock came at the door. I opened it and found Gandalf's twin with 3 kids maybe a year younger than me. (If it's in italics it's in Greek)

"How can I help you?" I asked the older man. 

"Hello Percy, my name is Albus Dumbledore, may we come in." I eyed them suspiciously but motioned for them to come in. Albus and the kids sat on the couch while I sat on the arm of the chair across from them, unconsciously spinning riptide on my fingers. "This is Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley." 

Harry was a scrawny guy with unruly black hair and emerald eyes. Hermione was pretty with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. Ron was tall and thin with bright red hair, and from the way he acted, he was Hermione's boyfriend. 

"Alright, I'm going to cut right to the chase, who the hell are you and what do you want?" I asked looking at Albus. 

"Well to explain that I have to explain something else. Witches and wizards are real and you are one."

 "Hecate must have done this." 

"I'm sorry what language was that?" Asked Albus.

"Greek, get on with it." He seemed surprised that I had virtually no reaction to his first statement but continued. 

"Well, we just came out of a war with an evil wizard named Voldemort." He looked at me like he expects a reaction, but I just motioned for him to continue. "Well, that evil murdering man was your grandfather." 

"Again with the evil grandfathers, what is it with my family, gods!  Cool, anything else?" 

All 4 of them looked shocked that I didn't seem to care that I had an evil grandfather. Hermione spoke for the first time, "You're not shocked at all?" 

"Look, I have a lot of insane family members, just add him to the list. Now, is there a specific reason you are here or can you leave?" They stared at me for a second before Albus answered. 

"Well, we need you to come to our magic school in Europe to get a grip on your powers."

 "Umm no," 

Albus sighed and pointed a stick at me. He said something that sounded like stupid and a red light came of his wand and hit me. 

"Was that supposed to do something?" I asked when nothing happened. Harry looked angry and pointed his wand at the cup sitting on the table which floated toward my head fast, clearly meant to knock me out. Except I caught it.

 I sighed, "Fine I will go with you, just stop trying to kill me please." Dumbledore stood and offered me his arm. The other 3 had already taken his other arm. I tentatively put my finger on his arm. All of a sudden I felt the sensation of being squeezed through a soda bottle. 

When I could see again we were in a house surrounded by people staring at us. I quickly let go of Dumbledore and stuffed my hands in my pockets.

 "Are you okay?" A plump red headed woman that I assumed was Ron's mother asked. 

"Fine, why?" 

"Well, most people throw up after their first time apparating." She answered looking a little confused. "That was your first time right?" I nodded. Then Dumbledore started to talk and I zoned out.

 I looked around the room observing the people. There were a remarkable number of redheads. There was a pair of redheaded twins in the back with grins that reminded me of the Stoll brothers. That made me sad, as Conner had died in the battle. Luckily it made Travis come to his senses and ask out Katie Gardner. Another redhead that was a little older had claw marks on his face. 

"Percy... PERCY!" I turned to find everyone looking at me expectantly. 

"What? I stopped listening." 

Dumbledore sighed. "Are you okay with going to Hogwarts for the school year?"

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