Chapter One

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Gabriel awoke in the softness of the bed, the sheets wrapped comfortable around his fit body. He sat up and stretched his arms above his head, bones popping with the movement. A sudden jolt of pain shot through his head, causing his hand to grip his messy bed head. Gabriel wasn't the type to get as sloppy drunk as he was the night before, but the stresses of the day pushed him over the edge.

The day before, Gabriel had got into a huge argument with his sister, Lilly, over her boyfriend;well fiancé now. That was the point. Gabriel disagreed with their engagement and of course his sister didn't take his disapproval lightly. It was only obvious that he would be against it; Her boyfriend, Aaron, was a short-tempered man with an intimidating appearance. He looked like the makings of an abuser and there was no way in hell Gabriel was allowing anyone to lay a hand on his little sister.

Gabriel sighed at the memories, falling back against the pillow as he clenched his throbbing head. There was slight movement beside him, causing Gabriel to jerk back up and pull open the sheets. A man Gabriel had never met laid there, his body naked as he groaned and slightly shuffled. Gabriel stared at the litter of kiss marks on the stranger's body, the deep, dark purple marks standing out on his light complexion. Gabriel looked down at himself to finally notice he was naked as well, their clothes sprawled out in a line as though they were stripping on their way to bed.

"Shit!" Gabriel cursed as he ripped the sheets from his body, rushing to pick up his clothes. The stranger grumbled something, and Gabriel sighed with relief when he didn't wake up. The only thing playing in Gabriel's head was that he had to get out of there as quickly as possible. Gabriel quickly slipped on his underwear, followed by his dark jeans. "Damn," Gabriel cursed again as he looked around for his shirt that wasn't apart of the line of clothing. He looked up, his eyes landing on the black V-neck that had became attached to the ceiling fan. Gabriel couldn't stop all the possibilities of how it got there from filling his throbbing skull. The dryness of Gabriel's throat was awful, but Gabriel had no time for a glass of water. Gabriel searched his pocket for his wallet, grabbing a hundred dollar bill and placing it on the dresser. He knew it would be rude for him to leave and not pay his share for the hotel room. The room looked super fancy, so he wasn't really sure what his little hundred dollars would contribute to it but it was all he had on him. He quickly rushed over to grab the shirt, oblivious to that fact that the stranger in bed was watching him.

"What are you doing?" Gabriel froze at the question directed towards him from the stranger's voice. Gabriel looked up to see the man was now woke, sitting up in bed and watching him with knitted eyebrows.

"Umm, leaving?" Gabriel said more as a question than an answer.

The stranger ran his hand through his  light brown hair, "I can see that. I mean why?" Gabriel quickly snatched his shirt down before looking toward the stranger in the bed. "Listen umm.." Gabriel thought for a moment. "Michael," the stranger shot back and Gabriel nodded. "Listen Michael, last night was good and all, but I was completely out of it and doubt I knew what I was doing. Don't take it the wrong way, you're a cool person and all, but I think it would be best if we put this whole little situation behind us. You understand right?"

Michael jaw tightened and Gabriel became afraid that the handsome stranger would end up hitting him. But instead of getting up to strike him, the handsome stranger merely bit his lip and looked away. "You should leave," Michael mumbled out. Gabriel nodded, quickly slipping next to Michael and pecking Michael's cheek. "Thank you for an amazing night," Gabriel said before standing and slipping his shirt on. "You should at least tell me your name," Michael called out before Gabriel walked out of the door. Gabriel looked at the stranger, whose eye brows were furrowed on his handsome face. "Gabriel," he answered before scurrying out of the door.

Gabriel raced out of the hotel to his car, checking his phone for the time. It was 6:46 am, meaning he had at least an hour to get his ass home and get ready for work. Why he decided to get that drunk on a week day is beyond him, but he knew that he had to go to work because there was some important announcement that the boss man planned on making. "Damn," Gabriel cursed, started the car and zooming off to his destination.

Michael still sat in the hotel room bed, the memories of last night preserved in his throbbing head and the aching of his backside. "Gabriel," Michael mumbled his name, still remembering their passionate night. Even though Michael had been drunk, he could recall everything. The feel of Gabriel's skin on his own, Gabriel's soft lips on his, the way it felt to have Gabriel inside of him. He was big; much bigger than what Michael was used to and he shivered from the memory of having such a monstrous private within himself.

Michael wrapped his arms around himself, the tingling feeling that Gabriel gave him not seeming to subside. He could feel himself practically shivering, Gabriel's voice not seeming to leave his ears. It was definitely the best sex he'd ever had, which only made the fact that it was merely a one night stand much more disappointing. "Great job Michael. You break up with one man just to find yourself hopping into bed with another," he mumbled to himself as he jumped out of bed to find his clothes. His father had asked him to go to his office today and even though he would much rather soothe his headache and nurture his throbbing back side, he knew that he couldn't skip this time. He is the heir after all.

Michael scrambled his clothes up, grabbing his pants and slipping them on. He looked over to find a hundred dollar bill folded neatly on the dresser. Michael grabbed the bill and eyed it. Gabriel must have left it there to pay for the room. Michael smiled to himself. This room was most definitely more than a hundred dollars, but it's the thought that counts. Michael quickly dressed, deciding to take a shower in the comfort of his own home.

He rushed down to the lobby, checking out of the room before rushing through the revolving doors of the hotel towards his vehicle. Michael smiled to himself, feeling the slight throb of his back side with each step he took. 'At least everything from the night wasn't erased' he thought as he made his way to the parking lot.

The smile never left his face, even when he was in his car starting the engine. He was never a one night stand kind of guy, and it felt stupid hopping into the bed of another so quickly after ending a relationship, but Gabriel was worth it. He had made all of Michael's worries disappear with a mere stroke of his hand and murmur from his lips. It made the fact that Michael wasn't going to see him again even more unbearable.

The sound of Michael's phone ringing vibrated through the car. Michael pressed the button on the screen, answering it. "Michael, my boy, where are you?" His father's voice erupted. "Hey Dad. I just need to head home and hop in the shower and I'd be there by 8," Michael told his father. "Ohhh you're actually coming huh? I thought you were going to avoid it like always," Michael's father teased and he rolled his eyes with a smile. Michael knew that he couldn't have possibly avoided this, especially with his Father's retirement coming up so soon. "Don't worry Dad, I'm be there. I'll see you when I get there," Michael said. "Alright son. See you," his father replied before hanging up. Michael let out a sigh. It was going to be a long day for him.

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