Chapter Three

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When Gabriel had got off of work that day, Michael was waiting for him in front of the building. Gabriel rolled his eyes, continuing to walk pass him but he knew there was no way Michael was going to drop it. "Gabriel," he heard Michael call his name but he ignored him, walking towards his car. "Gabriel please," Michael grabbed his hand and spun him around.

"You can't say you don't feel the same way. It was too good to be just once. We're compatible," Michael tried to reason and Gabriel looked away. "I can't even remember," Gabriel said, but Michael wasn't giving up. "All the more reason to do it again. And this time..." Michael trailed off as he ran his hand down Gabriel's toned chest slowly. "I'll make sure you'll never forget," he finished as he bit his plump bottom lip. Oh how Gabriel wanted to bite that lip. Wait, what was he thinking!? Michael was dragging him where he wanted, but Gabriel did agree to do it with him one more time so he might as well take the bait.

"Fine.." Gabriel said huskily as his arms snaked around Michael's waist and gripped his butt cheeks. Michael gasped softly as his hands gripped Gabriel's shoulders, his eyes widening. "So where do you want to go? My place? Yours? A hotel?" Gabriel whispered. "Mine," Michael said all too quickly as he stared up at Gabriel with lust filled eyes. Gabriel smirked, feeling smug at the effect he had on Michael. "I'll follow you there," Gabriel said as he unleashed his grip on Michael's ass and turned to get into his car. Michael nodded and frantically rushed over to his own, starting the engine quickly.

Gabriel trailed Michael in his own car, stopping in front of a tall building that seemed to glisten under the moonlight. Gabriel could easily tell that Michael was rolling in dough, but he wouldn't have expected less from the heir of such a major company. Gabriel followed Michael to the parking lot, parking in the spot next to his. He got out of the car at the same time as Michael. "Is it okay for me to park here?" He asked and Michael smiled at him. "Yea it's fine. Come on," Michael motioned for Gabriel to follow him and he gladly did.

"Evening, Mr.Monroe," the woman at the front desk greeted and Michael nodded his head in acknowledgement. The woman's eyes landed on Gabriel and a flirtatious smile stretched across her face. The smile didn't go unnoticed by Michael as he scowled, pulling Gabriel in for a kiss right in front of the woman. Her eyes widened as Michael's tongue slipped past Gabriel's lips, dancing with his in a fight for dominance. The woman cleared her throat, looking away from the two locking lips. Michael pulled away, biting his bottom lip as he gripped Gabriel's hand. He shot the woman one more look before leading Gabriel away. "You really don't play, do you?" Gabriel joked and Michael gave him a smug smile as an answer.

Michael led him on the elevator, his grip on Gabriel's hand yet to slacken. When they stepped on the elevator, Michael pressed his floor before pulling Gabriel in for another kiss. Michael's arms trailed around Gabriel's neck as Gabriel's own found refuge around Michael's waist. Gabriel broke the kiss, his lips finding their way down Michael's jaw and neck. Michael tilted his head back, allowing Gabriel better access. He let out a small moan as Gabriel sucked on his sweet spot, most likely trying to leave a mark. "Fuck," Michael moaned out as Gabriel palmed him through his slacks, all while still sucking on that glorious spot on his neck.

The elevator opened with a ding and Michael whined when Gabriel pulled away, his member throbbing in his pants. Gabriel could practically feel how much Michael wanted this, his lust radiating off his body as he pulled Gabriel off the elevator quickly. He walked in long strides towards his door, fumbling frantically with the keys to get the door unlocked. Gabriel pushed up on him, his crotch rubbing against the man's bottom, only causing his fight with the keys to get more aggressive. "Somebody's frantic," Gabriel's voice was husky and it sent shivers throughout Michael's body.

Micheal smiled with relief when the door finally clicked opened and he quickly grabbed Gabriel's hand, dragging him inside. Gabriel pushed him against the door, their lips instantly connecting in heat and lust. An uncontrollable moan slipped past Michael's lips as Gabriel ravished his mouth, sending him over the edge. Gabriel slid to his neck, sucking softly on the tender flesh.

"Gabriel. fuck, I want you," Michael moaned out as Gabriel left trails of hickies on his heated skin. "The bedroom..." Michael huffed, unable to control himself for another second. He needed to feel Gabriel inside of him. He wanted to be filled by him. Gabriel pulled away and intertwined his fingers with Michael's, leading him into the house. If this was going to be the last time, he wanted it to be satisfactory. He wanted to at least be remembered as Gabriel, the best in bed.

Gabriel pushed Michael onto the bed, his heated gaze watching his every move. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt; so agonizingly slow that Michael couldn't help biting his lip and whining. He could feel himself throbbing for Gabriel, his want overshadowing all of his senses. Michael quickly unbuttoned his own shirt and kicked off his trousers, discarding the articles of clothing.

Even though Michael was already down to his briefs, Gabriel was just slipping his shirt off his shoulders. He had wanted to tease him; make sure every aspect of his sexual desire was explored. He wasn't just going to have sex with him. No, he was practically making love, even though the emotion of the process was absent. He was going to let loose and show what kind of beast he was in bed.

He popped opened the button of his trousers but instead of ridding himself of them, he simply slid between Michael's milky thighs. Michael inhaled quickly as Gabriel grinded against his throbbing member. Gabriel left soft kisses on his neck as he rubbed himself against Michael, feeling the growing of both their members with each contact.

"Gabriel Please," Michael whined as he couldn't take his teasing anymore. He needed real contact. He wanted the feel of skin on his own heated skin. He needed to release. Gabriel halted his neck attack looking down to Michael's face with lust filled eyes. Gabriel palmed Michael through his briefs, causing him to arch into his touch.

"You want me to touch right here?' Gabriel whispered seductively and Michael bit his bottom lip, nodding. "Gabriel," Michael moaned his name as Gabriel slipped his hand inside his briefs and gripped his leaking member. Gabriel slowly stroked his heat, his hand becoming slippery from Michael's essence. Michael couldn't stop the soft moans that slipped past his lips, his own hand gripping Gabriel's wrist as he worked his cock.

"Daddy, What are you doing?" Gabriel heard a small voice reach his ears and he instantly hopped off of Michael, his head snapping in the direction of it. Michael scrambled to cover himself before quickly looking over to the little boy in the door way. "Um.. D-Daddy was just play wrestling, you know, like they do on TV," Michael explained and the boy beamed up at us. "I want to play too! I'll go get my cape!" the little boy exclaimed, a huge grin on his face as he ran off.

Gabriel cleared his throat, unable to stop the awkwardness that was forming. "You have a kid?" he was finally able to manage, his attention turning towards a blushing Michael. Michael bit his lip and nodded. "He's from my previous marriage," he said and Gabriel nodded before standing and grabbing his shirt from the floor.

"I didn't expect him to be here. I thought he was staying with my parents for the night, They must have dropped him off. I'm sorry," Michael whispered as Gabriel slipped the shirt over his shoulders. "Mhmm," he hummed out as he did the buttons up. Gabriel honestly didn't want to talk anymore, the mood completely sucked out of him and thrown out the window. "We'll continue this another time, right?" Michael asked, uncertainty lacing his voice. Gabriel turned, a small smile on his face. "I did promise you one more time," Gabriel stated and Michael sighed with relief.

For a second, Michael was afraid that he'd blew it, especially since he'd failed to mention that he was a father. He knew that Gabriel was going to be even more against their little agreement if he'd known, therefore he had planned to get through it without the mention of his son. Gabriel gave Michael a peck on the forehead. "See ya later," he said before hurrying out of the door.

Michael sighed, running his hand through his hair and throwing his head back onto his pillow. He had been so close, but not close enough and now he's left here horny and unsatisfied. "Damn!" Michael said, angrily punching his soft sheets. There's no telling when he would receive another opportunity like this; it could be weeks before he finally gets Gabriel back into his bed. Michael could still feel himself throbbing with need, his body craving the touch of Gabriel. But for now, it seems that he just has to satisfy himself.

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