"Silence!" Lucius demanded. His pale fist slamming the table shook Draco and the dishes.

Draco wanted to sink lower in his seat. Every little thing he did made his father's rage burn stronger. 

Draco was in trouble again; He tried to explain what happened to his father but Lucius was too angry. Nobody could talk over his fury. He was too angry to listen unless it was the bloody screams from hell  in his ears.

Sweat trickled down Draco's forehead. He tried to stay calm under his father's glare but Lucius eyes were chilling. They were daggers driving their way into Draco's neck. Draco knew his father wanted to strangle him. 

"How could you even let yourself watch that-that thing?"Lucius uttered to his son leaning in closer. Draco didn't want to look up. The pressure of his father's gaze was heavy. It was starting to become too much.  Lucius's anger was boiling over it's pot as he observed Draco avoiding to answer.

The entire Malfoy family stood as soon as Lucius grabbed Draco by his collar. His hot breath was hitting Draco's face as Narcissa watched in fear.

"Not again" she thought. If only her husband would control his emotions. If Lucius put a hand on Draco, Narcissa was ready to defend her son. Draco's body was practically shivering in fear as she watched with caution.

Lucius pulled and tore through Draco's suit.  "Look at me,boy!"He shouted as Draco's body rattled from Lucius's hands before finally looking at him.

Draco, in his entire life, was only scared of two things: Lord Voldemort and his father. The end of war didn't make anything better. The Malfoy Manor was still consumed by intense stress and agony. The nagging voice in the back of Draco's head always murmured "we should all be in Azkaban". Yet, of course, Lucius always found a way. Always finding  loop holes to avoid  fairness and justice.  Draco only wished Lucius was in that horrid prison cell. He would rot away screaming his bloody mind out. He would become a ghost, a skeleton,and sickly like he deserved. It would be better facing him like that than his usual hot-blooded self.

"Why were you looking at her?" Lucius barked louder with both hands tightening their grip on Draco.

Draco wanted to answer but the only thing that was moving was the teeth chewing the inside of his cheek. The taste of blood was running down his throat as he stared at his father. Scared blue eyes met fierce ones.

"Speak! Dammit, speak!" Draco thought and a flash of a white hand came down on him. 

Narcissa pushed her son away. She held her husband back as Draco nursed his leg.

Draco whimpered quietly as he held his thigh. He could feel  sticky liquid running down to his ankles now. He looked up to see his father and mother arguing. His father's veins  reaching the roots of his hair. His mother was shrieking. Tears in her hazel eyes came running down in black lines.

"He is only a child! You can't keep hitting him like this!"

"Yes I can, woman! If he won't listen then I'll make him listen!"

"No, Lucius! This has gone too far! Ever since the war-"

"Quiet! Don't you dare talk about the war!" Lucius face burned red and Draco could see his fist going more pale than usual.

Draco could' take this.

 He scrambled to his feet and ran upstairs. As he marched inside his room, he could still hear the shouts and screams of his parents. Curse words were being thrown before he could slam his door with a Bang!  So loud that the house elves jumped up from the dungeon. Pasty hands grabbed at ashen hair. Gripping his hair so tightly that he screamed from pain and relief. 

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