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Heyy My Little Cookie Monsters!! <3 I decided that I want to get some practice writing sex scenes. Don't ask why it's really just something that I decided on a whim. I'm only writing the ones that are requeste. That means if you want to read some nasty, dirty or sweet and romantic sex scenes you gotta ask. You can give me plots, names, ages, jobs i don't care. You ask I'll write! haha have fun!


Technical Terms:


The name for boyxboy stories.


The manga/ anime way of saying BL or boys love. (Rated R)


Another anime/manga way of saying boyxboy but it's less graphic and less sexually active.


A term for a full-on sex scene.


A term for a scene that is just short of a sex scene. Could also contain grinding, groping, make-out and oral sex.


This is a story that can be either really short or long but it's only one chapter and what is in front of you is all your getting. There are some cases where they go on to become stories but they probably start off in a different time and place than the one-shot.


This is similar to a one-shot except there are two parts.


This is a relationship between someone and another member of their family. Brother, Sister, Mom, Dad, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle. (As you can see this is a BoyxBoy one-shots book so only brothers k?)


This is a relationship with ones twin. TwinxTwin


I will do....

1) Lemons

2) Limes

3) Incest/ Twincest

4) Kinky/ Bondage

5) TeacherxStudent

6) Best Friends

7) What ever you come up with! <3


{ Get REQUESTING!!! haha <3 *~* }

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