Lord Toro and his evil minions - taster

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Goddamnit! Cliff hangers!

“Maria!” I shouted as I was being chased by an evil minion of Lord Toro. I was rapidly dodging sharpened kitchen knives, whilst searching the terrain for any sign of my lovely friend. I jerked backwards, a knife zoomed past my face then landed on a yew tree but 2 seconds later it simply vanished all that was left was dust. Then I heard an ear-piercing scream from just outside the forest. I ran as fast as I can, the minions groans and mumbles were fading, then I didn’t know what happened, at first I thought I ran into a tree, but this was much bigger than a tree, also it was metal.

“Hello John, prepare to die” The shiny metal blob said in my friends voice. I heard a noise like a snake than an explosion a realised it was a missile. Before I tell you what happened first the story of how.

How I got on the bad side of an evil lord

I was to young to recall the events that occurred that stormy terrible night, so I needed to be told myself from one of my best friends and that’s the reason why she was being held captive, but going back on the subject on the story. I was a young baby in my cot , when suddenly Lord Toro arrived. There were screams outside then my door was flung open, posed to strike I hid, suddenly he disappeared no one knows why or how he done it, but he’s has been hiding for the last 15 years and also no one even knows what he looks like because he slaughters anyone who even glances at him. I was the only person who survived him. After the night he took my family, I got moved into protection.

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