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Elena's POV

I walk down the dim candle lit castle hallway. My eyes focused on the dark oak wood door that's my destination.  I know he is in there. I also know I should stay away right now, because all I've done is made things worse but we need to talk.

Stopping in front of his door I take in a shaky breath in hopes of gathering my wits but it's no use. I raise my hand to knock but before I could I take a moment and allow my mind to wander.

Our last conversation didn't end well. Kol was torn apart but hid it with venomous words that he spat at his siblings and butchering innocents. This is all because I told him I didn't love him. He murders, slaughters all for a release, to let his rage out.

My mind is racing with thoughts, memories, and questions. I check over myself only to realize I'm wearing it. The same dress I wore when we, um, made the mistake. The mistake I can't get out of my head no matter how hard I try to.

It's a light blue wool dress. That has a deep v-neckline that -shows an ample amount of cleavage, if it wasn't as tightly strung together then it would completely show the valley between my breasts,-is held together with a leather string in the stile of a corset. It is a long dress that comes down to my ankles. I wear a thin black leather belt around my waist to keep it from hanging loosely around me so it shows off my curves especially with the fact I'm not wearing an under dress. My brown, wavy locks mostly hang with no restraints. It is styled with a braid every once in a while held together by thin strips of brown fabric, most of the designs are at the top of my head.

Apparently I was lost in my thoughts  for too long because I was brought back to reality by my name falling off of his perfect lips.

"Elena," Kol whispers. His facial expressions goes from one of awe till it drops to an unreadable mask, probably doing so in remembrance of my rejection towards his feelings. I lowly mumble,"I... I uh, think we need to talk."

Using this moment to take in his appearance. Kol is wearing a thin cotton tunic that is a deep shade of green. Brown leather trousers that arouse me and cause sinful thoughts. His hair hanging around his face not styled but messy in the most perfect way. I can still remember the silk soft feeling of it running through my fingers that got tangled in his locks as I tugged and pulled at it while moans slipped past my lips.

If you didn't know what a monster he was you would think merely from his face that he was an angel. Yet he's not. A clear sign is the little bit of blood staining his collar. Even the devil was a beautiful angel once.

Kol clears his throat and takes a small side steps to let me into his room. "If you want to sit," he says motioning to a chair next to the lit fire place, as I walk in and stand in the center of the room.I simply shake my head in a silent yet confident no.

I spin slowly in a circle taking in his whole room. The walls made of cinderblock like the entire castle. The room is lit up by the fire in the fireplace and a small section by the moonlight. His bed is against the left wall to the doorway. The bed is big with a thick plush black and white comforter and feather pillows at the top. A fur pellet hangs off the bottom of the bed. Along with a chest laying at the foot of the rather comfy looking pallet. His wardrobe is against the far wall next to a balcony that has a breath taking view of the gardens. His room is over all clean, elegant, and classy.

"Kol you need to control yourself, your urges," I state with my back facing towards him and voice unwavering. I heard his huff and twirled around in just enough time to catch his eye roll.

I felt a sudden bolt of rage. Kol noticed and only shot my glare back at me. "This isn't a game!" I emphasize each word with my rising voice.

Kol knows how to push my buttons. Always has and will always enjoy doing so.

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