Elena's Secret Life by -michaellangdxn
Elena's Secret Lifeby thank u, next
This is the rewritten version of Elena and The Originals.
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You Saved Me (Kolena) by imjen88
You Saved Me (Kolena)by Jenna the Bookworm
Esther wants to kill her children. So Bonnie sends Elena back in time to prevent them from losing their humanity. Only after Bonnie sent Elena back in time 1000 years...
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Can you keep a secret by miyaaneel
Can you keep a secretby miyaaneel
Kol and Elena are 13 and in love, when their relationship gets heavier they have sex.. Soon Kol has to move away and leaves Elena pregnant. Now Elena is 17 and a single...
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kolena! by FrancineArmendarez
kolena!by Francine Armendarez
Elena was upset when she caught Damon cheating on her with Bonnie. she ran into Kol, after staying with the mikalsons she fell for Kol. They went to New Orleans and Kol...
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Miss Gilbert And The Mikaelsons by _MrsAlaricSaltzman
Miss Gilbert And The Mikaelsonsby Just-In
So, I have decided to write about Elena, and the Mikaelsons family. This is because I can not choose between Kol, Klaus, and Elijah. I do not own the vampire diaries, o...
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Her Decision by FrancineArmendarez
Her Decisionby Francine Armendarez
Kia parker, the powerful witch, and his best friend, Kol Mikalson, the original vampire, choose to go to mystic falls and torture the doppelganger so they decide to go t...
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Elena Mikaelson? by Vampire1317Ninja
Elena Mikaelson?by Andraylia James
What if Elena was actually Tatia's little sister instead of Doppelganger and married to Kol? Find out what happens when present day Elena's friends and family find out t...
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Sleepover with the Mikaelson  by adoreme112
Sleepover with the Mikaelson by adoreme112
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Still Our Forever by 9821bella
Still Our Foreverby Isabella
Elena lost all of her memory of the originals, can they help her remember? Or is their forever over? Read, Always and Forever, first or this one might not make sense. Di...
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The Unexpected Love (Kolena) by wcldest
The Unexpected Love (Kolena)by wcldest
Elena Gilbert has a falling out with her two 'boy toys' Damon and Stefan Salvatore, it starts with a fight about Elena going to the Mikaelson ball. Stefan and Damon are...
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We Are Us (Kol And Elena) by Calum_Hood_2021
We Are Us (Kol And Elena)by ImIntoBassist
Kol is a football player that has everything. Elena that is a cheerleader that has just lost her parents. What happens when they meet. Kol has to try and keep her from...
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The Devil | Klena  by oliviab555
The Devil | Klena by BICH LASAGNA
Klaus has fallen madly in live with the doppleganger but Elena is stuck in her old ways and is told from everyone around her that Klaus is not to be trusted. She also fe...
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Serendipity Tragedy (Kolena) by BooksAndCafes
Serendipity Tragedy (Kolena)by K.
She is different, she made me feel things no one else has made me feel before. And because of that, I know what I have to do. I won't let her choose between possible lov...
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Kolena by rosiemelka
Kolenaby Rosie
Kol was bored in New Orleans. Sure he had the use of his magic, but he wanted entertainment. He no longer had compulsion and the looks of Kaleb the warlock he was posse...
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Kolena: love is not weakness  by kolena_28
Kolena: love is not weakness by Kat
I'm Kol Mikealson I don't feel and I certainly don't "love". So why this girl why now and especially why a doppelgänger I've never fallen for one of the doppe...
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Elejah Or Kolena by Rooroo148
Elejah Or Kolenaby Katerina Petrova
Elejah or Kolena. Who will Elena chose she is torn between the two boys. Why can't she just make up her mind. Elijah is the Nobel kind one while Kol is the energetic psy...
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the hybrid queen by JessyZippyOmwellaOmw
the hybrid queenby Jessy Zippy Omwella Omwella
Seven years since Elena woke up moved from mystic falls to new Orleans still human or Maybe not Read and find out
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The Royals ( Being Edited) by Kolena-Klaroline27
The Royals ( Being Edited)by Ashlyn Agee
Princess Elena And Prince Jeremy have recently lost their older brother Prince Lucien in battle now Jeremy is next in line for the throne. but what happens when first lo...
  • beremy
  • klaroline
  • andmore
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Playing with fire: A Klena fanfic by siredtocxitlin
Playing with fire: A Klena fanficby siredtocxitlin
After breaking up with Damon, Elena finds herself in yet another love triangle with the two people she least expected. Klaus and Kol Mikaelson.
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Kol & Rebekah to the rescue  by Kolena-Klaroline27
Kol & Rebekah to the rescue by Ashlyn Agee
All Human Damon and Peyton are cheating on Elena and Lucas With each other. Peyton and Lucas are married Damon and Elena are just dating but what happens when Elena and...
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