When Summer Ends - BONUS Chapter 4 Restricted and FULL version!!

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So this is the FULL rated R chapter 4 that I cut out of the story group, so that the story would be PG-13!!  Hope you enjoy!






Chapter 4


I had known Will for a week and a half now, I had literally seen him every night apart from Friday and Saturday as he worked at the Club those nights. On those two days we went out for lunch instead as he said he still wanted to see me.

It had honestly been the best ten days of my life. Every date he had taken me out on had been different. There were some traditional things like the movies and dinner, we had a picnic in the park. I had met his friends at a party he took me too, they were all really nice and easy to get along with even though they were all man-whore flirts from what I could tell.

There were also some not so traditional dates. He took me to a football game. To the batting cages, but personally I think that one was just an excuse to wrap his arms around me so he could ‘teach’ me how to bat and move my hips right apparently. We went for a walk along the beach, we went to the stock car races. The best night by far was when he drove us to an empty field and left the headlights of the car on, turning the radio up to some cheesy love song station and we danced under the stars. That one was last night and was so romantic it made me want to cry.

He was honestly incredible and he hadn’t once put pressure on me to sleep with him, which made me even more crazy about him. Today was Tuesday and he was due here any minute, I had thrown on a little denim skirt and plain black V neck top making sure to put on my sexiest underwear. I had definitely made him wait enough, I don’t think I could take anymore, my whole body was screaming for him. Every time he kissed me I would get so turned on I could barely breathe so I knew tonight was the night.

When he pulled up outside I skipped out to him before he even got fully out of the car. “Hey handsome” I said flirtily as I climbed in the passenger side.

“Damn you look so hot” he said looking me over slowly making a blush creep up on my face.

“That was a nice hello” I teased.

He grinned sheepishly, “Right yeah sorry, hi cutie” he said leaning over to kiss me. I tangled my hands in the back of his hair and kissed him hungrily making him moan in the back of his throat.“So where to tonight? You said tonight was your choice” he said as he pulled away from me starting the car.

“Take away pizza” I said shrugging.

He frowned, “Well that’s not very romantic. Where are we eating it? In the park or something?” he asked confused as he pulled out.

“No” I said grinning teasingly. He looked at me expectantly. I shook my head, “Just drive to the takeaway, I’ll tell you after” I said grinning. Nervous excitement was bubbling up inside me and I was starting to chicken out.

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