Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I submit my writing?

Create a new for each chapter of Freak Week. Tag it with #writingwithgrace. Just like you'd tag something as #fiction or #basketball, you'll use our tag to submit your writing.

How do I submit more than one entry for the same chapter?

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SUBMIT TWICE FOR THE SAME CHAPTER. However, you can submit each week for each new chapter.

Does a parental consent form need to be resubmitted every time I write a chapter?

No. Once we have your parental consent form on file, you're covered.

If I'm over 18 to I need to provide an age?

Yes! Please update your age in your Wattpad settings. We need to know what age you are in order to consider your entry.

What sort of story should I write?

After you've read the previous chapters and watched the latest episode of Writing With Grace on YouTube, you should be ready to go. You can write whatever you like based on the chapters that already made the book and the prompt.

How long should my chapter be?

The recommended length is 500-1000 words. Stories over 1500 words will not be accepted.

Do you really read every story?

Yes. We promise your story will be read.

Can any country submit?


You've reached the end of published parts.

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