Chapter One

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One year. Six months. Five days. Three hours.

That's how fuckin' long it's been since I last seen my girl. She told me that it was over, but she doesn't know that I won't fuckin' let her leave me without a fight. I gave her time, but now I'm claiming her. She doesn't get that me and her are in this shit together. We fuckin' belong together and there is no other bitch I want by my side.

Strutting into the clubhouse, I see her short skirt and four-inch stilettos before I even see the rest of her sexy as fuck body. I sent my Sergeant at Arms to bring her ass back and I already know the hellcat is going to come in claws out, waiting to fucking strike.

My eyes roam up her body and I can't help but groan when it comes to her perfect tits. She has a body of a porn star and sure knows how to fucking use it to her advantage. She wasn't always the spitfire she is now. When I first met her, she was as shy as a baby bird.

Her eyes meet mine and I can see the hatred in them. I wait for her to reach me before I even say a word to her. She knew I wasn't giving her up. I told her when she left that I would never let someone else have her. She's been mine since she turned eighteen and that isn't ever going to fuckin' change.

"How fucking dare you!" She screams at me. Before I can stop her, she slaps me. Her face is turning red and I can see the anger seeping through her pores. She didn't believe me. My Vice President goes towards her, but I hold my hand up stopping him.

"She-" He stops when I give him a look. I don't give a shit what she does right this moment as long as she is standing here in my clubhouse.

Walking closer to her, I wrap a dark strand of her hair around my finger. She tries to bat my hand away, but I don't release her hair. She winces when I tug on it, but when she looks up at me I see a different look in her eyes. "Stav." She growls.

She goes to slap me again, but this time I'm ready for her. I grab her wrist and put it behind her back, pulling her body to mine. I press my erection against her and let her know just how much I love when she fights me. I love that she isn't a fuckin' push over like most of the bitches around here. She gives it to me just as hard as I give it to her.

"Harlyn." Her name rolls off my tongue and she looks like I burned her just by saying her name.

"Don't touch me." She spits. I grab her arm and she tries to pull out of my grip, but she's not strong enough.

"You sent me one of your fucking lunatic best friends to come and get me. What the fuck is wrong with you?" She pushes against my chest, but she isn't going anywhere.

"What baby, you don't like Dex?" I grin down at her and when I look over her shoulder, I see a smirk on his face. My orders to him were to bring her home. I didn't give a fuck what he had to do to get her here, just that she needed to be here.

"No!" She says with a disgusted look. What she doesn't know is that I've had a man on her this whole time. I heard reports on what she's done in the time we've been apart and I will make sure she forgets every fucking bastard she ever let inside of her.

"That bastard killed him." She tries to go after him, but I wrap my arm around her waist to stop her.

"Who?" I grip her chin and force her to look at me.

"My boyfriend." She whispers. I see her eyes start to fill with tears and I pull her towards my office. Typically I don't give a fuck if bitches are crying in front of my men, but Harlyn is mine and I'll be damned if anything upsets her. When I get her through the door, I close it behind us and push her up against it.

"Boyfriend?" I whisper in her ear. She nods her head and doesn't say anything else.

"Did he fuck you the way I did?" I feel her body shiver and I know that I still affect her the same way I did when I had her. She doesn't like to admit it, but I'm the only one who has ever fucked her the way she really likes it. Harlyn likes it rough. She likes it when I spank her ass and tie her to the bed. She doesn't like that sweet and loving bullshit like she wants them to believe.

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