I Lost Myself

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"Jane, come down for lunch please," I sighed when I heard my mother say this. I wanted to stay in my room like I always do, but my parents force me out or lunch and dinner to eat with them.

I slowly got up from the computer which I was just finishing up homework. I slowly walked down the hall and down the steps, and into the kitchen where I found my mother and father, and my older sister by two years.

"Hi Jane," my mother said.

I nodded in reply. I sat down and slouched in my chair.

"I made your favorite," said my mother pointing to the food on the plate which I sait down infront of. It was homemade pizza. She was right it was my favorite. My mom made the best homemade pizza, well, she made the best everything.

"Thanks," I said. Then I picked up the slice that was on my plate and took a bit. It was amazing. There wasent too much cheese on it and the sauce wasent just splattered on it. It was the best pizza in the world.

Once I finished I headed up to my room to finish my homework. Once I did I saved it on the computer so it would be ready to be sent to the teacher.

Yes, I am homeschooled. Ever since sixth grade I was. I hated going to school. My parents always asked e what went wrong, but I refused to tell.

I stayed in my room most of the time. I had no friends. I never went out. Well, I did go out only when my parents forced me out.  I then grabbed one of the books from my book shelf and hopped in my bed and opened it to the first page. I was reading Twilight. It wsa one of my favorite books. I was to the part where Bella was telling Edward that she knew about him. I was readng quietly for about an hour untill there was a knock at my door.

My parents and sister came in.

This isnt going to be good.

"Hi Jane," my sister said sitting next to me.

I just nodded. The only time they all came in to talk to me. We ended up moving to Arizona, and that was only three years ago.

"Jane you cant keep living like this. Taking school on the computer. Staying in your room for this long. You dont even have any friends," said my mom.

"We all think it's best for you to get away from Arizona, and go to a private school," said my father.

I didnt say anything. I was shocked. They basically are kicking me out and shipping me away. How on earth is this going to help me.

"You guys are sending me away?" I asked them. I already knew they were, but I could help but ask hoping that I misunderstood them.

"Yes, we're sorry honey, you have to understand why we are doing this. It's for the best," they said. My parents then left, but my sister stayed.

She just sat next to me while I sat there staring into space.

"I'm sorry," said Jessie (which is my sister name by the way). Her breaths were uneven.  I could tell she was upset. "You need to go though. I've seen you like this for four years. You dont have any friends. You never go out. I barely see you anymore. It's alost like your gone and I only see you everyonce in a while. You lost yourself. I want to help you find you again. This might help. I just want you to be ok. I miss you. I dont like this ghost of a person you became. I want my sister back," she said tears streaming down her face.

She then got up and left.

I knew my sister cared, but it never occured to me that she cared about me so much.

Was it true though? Was I now like a ghost in the house? Did I lose myself?


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