Chp.1 Camp

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"Mom. Please don't make me go"I said watching my mom pack my clothes. "I'm sorry dear. But you need it. You haven't been social a lot lately"she said. "Mom please. "I said. "Your going tomorrow. Get sleep"she said. She left and turned off the lights. I layed on mine bed looking at the ceiling. Truth is I haven't slept a full night since my dad died. And that was six years ago. I'm a Sophomore. So it has been a while. I always sleep for a while. But then the nightmares come. They start with seeing my dad then everything goes black. I hear yelling voices. They always say"you don't deserve to live "over and over again. I try to run but I can't. Then I see these people and they have knives and blood all over them saying"join us Kaitlynn "over and over again. It won't stop. Until my mom runs into the room and tries to wake me. I wake up. I'm all sweaty and I have tears. I'm shaking an am so scared. Then it's morning. I walk to put my stuff in the bus. "Ok students. We will give you your seats on the bus. Just remember the person you sit by is the person you share a cabin with. "Mr.Sky said. They handed people cards and then I got mine. It said Travis. What. Why am I with a boy. "Ok so girls are with boys. The camp thought that kids should be with their different gender so. " said. I walked to the bus and waited for Travis. Then I saw him. "Hello beautiful. So we are roomies for the next three weeks. "He smiled. "Yea. I'm so excited "I said with a straight face. I got on the bus. I saw that Aph was with Aaron. Kawaii'Can was with this Reese kid. Dante was with Nicole. I was mad at that. And I saw Garroth and Laurence together. There are more boys then girls. "So how was your weekend "he said. "Travis. Shut up"I said. "Fine. What something to read. I brought like ten books. Five are comics "he said. "Why not"I said. I looked at the five and saw one I liked. I started reading it. But I got sleepy so I gave it back to him and fell asleep. In about three hours. I will be somewhere new.

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