Chapter IV: Dum dum dum...School

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I have been piled up with works and I'm trying to drag myself over the homework. But I feel like I want to write something. And then I decided that I should continue my stupid story (:




"May I be your Romeo?"

I froze. Did he just ask ....?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Ugh. Why is my alarm clock on again? I'm suppose to be digging myself down on the bed and have sweet dreams but for some stupid reason, my alarm just went off. Let's is the 23rd of August. Hold it! Right there! THE 23RD OF AUGUST! THE DAY THAT I WAS SUPPOSE TO WAKE UP AT 6 AM, BRUSH MY F*CKING TEETH AND RIDE THE F*CKING BUS TO SCHOOL! Let the misery begin.

I head to the bathroom with my eyes close, pick up the tooth brush and...DAMN! I just broke my cup. I finish brushing my teeth in misery, pack my bag in misery and eat breakfast in misery.

Beeeeeeeeep! What the h*ll? Can you leave me in my own tiny, cute world for ONE SECOND? Of course you don't. That's obvious. Oh great! Guess what? The horny monkey (bus monitor) is standing at the door waiting for me.

"Hey flower, how was your holiday?", he grin.

He means that I'm duh flower and he's duh bee? Like I care.

~ ~

I step into the school eagerly. And the first thing I spot was my T.B.R. T.B.R is pretty much a gang of hyper girls who are epic. T.B.R stands for the "The Boy Riders". I know I know what you're thinking. But hey, it's high school we're talking about.

I step up to them and slap lightly on Britanni face.

"Ow! Who the h*ll....oh hey babe, finally you're here."

I laughed. Brit was the kind of girl that you can't live without. She's the group trouble-maker but is the one that gains all the boy's love and trust. She stand out like a diamond, flickering light all over the place. To put it simply, she was beautiful. Beautiful with those silver eyes, wavy black hair and peachy lips.

And then there was Augie, the most charming girl you'll ever see. She's the one that can put on a show, the one that can let out a devilish smile, the one that at rough times can sacrifice herself for her beloved. Oh and here goes Allison, the adorable one. She's the most innocent and of course, the sweetest of the group. She is the one that can give you a bunch of laughter and can be the perfect cherry to your pie.

Sometimes I feel left out, because they all live in penthouses or mansions, they all have fancy cars and sparkling cloths and they are the ones that boys would crave over.

I look around, investigating the school field. My eyes soften at the sight of Luke. As usual, Luke was hanging out with the jocks, laughing and flirting the girls who came by. Still, I always feel like he's out of reach.

"Angie, it's a new freaking year! Stop staring at that a**hole will you? Anyways it's a freaking new year and you should totally get a boyfriend. Hot guys alert!", Brit shout at my face, cutting off my thoughts.

"Brit, stop it. You know what I went through. Having a boyfriend feels like sucking a d*ck.", I groan.

"Woah woah woah, what's with the attitude? Dang I failed like a whale. No worries babe, the T.B.R will change your mind! Hazar!", Brit said enthusiastically.

"Hazar!", Alli and Augie repeat.


"Oops, the bell. That means we have to sit and listen to Captain Toothbrush (principal) talking again?", I heave.

We call our principal Captain Toothbrush because we caught him brushing his teeth in the boy's restroom, humming to the sound of "I'm a little tea pot". Legendary Toothbrush, is also a suitable name.

I gather myself together and walk to the MPH (Multi Purpose Hall) with T.B.R. This year, our class was sitting at a place high enough to gaze at Mr. Blood bald head, that when the lights turn on, you can actually see yourself in it.

"Ladies and gententlemen, please sit down and be quiet....", he started.

Ugh. Here comes the drama.


This chappy is actually true compare to my real highschool life.

And yes, I do pity my principal's bald head.

Enjoy (:



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