Chapter 1

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Harry's POV

I awoke to Dudley pounding on my shaky locked wooden door. I sat up, my eyes squinting to block out the bright light that shone through my dusty window. I hopped out of my twin bed and got dressed. I wore my favorite grey t-shirt and some tight jeans with ripped knees (not the "fashionable kind"). I snuck downstairs and into the polished (by me) kitchen of the Dursleys. "BOUT' TIME, BOY!" Uncle Vernon roared, as he had obviously spotted me, "FIX US SOME COFFEE!" I nodded and regretfully turned to complete the command. I finished with the coffee, and sat down at the white marble table in my rough wooden chair. I munched on my buttered toast, while my only living relatives scarfed down eggs, bacon, croissants, and sausages. Instead of staying to wash the messy plates, I took the risk of slipping outside into my favorite flower patch behind the TV room, almost getting caught by Dudley. I started thinking about my previous year with the ministry, Voldemort, the DA, Umbridge, and most importantly, the Order of the Pheonix. I was still known to cry myself to sleep at the horrifying fact of my godfather, Sirius' death. I heard the furious calls of my overweight Uncle. "Probably the dishes." I thought. I chose to ignore him until he stormed outside towards me and lifted me out of the flowers. "BOY, YOU COME WHEN I CALL YOU!" He commanded, "Now, Petunia, Dudley, and I are going to the theme park, and we don't need you to ruin our day like you did in 6th grade..." "My 1st year." I corrected. " YOU DON'T NEED YOU TO SPREAD YOUR FREAKISH WAYS, BOY!" He scolded, "we couldn't find anybody to watch a boy that goes to St.Brutus's, so you can go to one of your freak friend's hut if you have any!" I grinned at this idea. Ron had sent me an invite earlier this week, saying that Hermione would be there, and to drop by any time if I could get away from my Uncle. I nodded and fetched my firebolt. I knew where I was going.

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