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Adam's POV

I had woken with a terrible head ache, I found myself in chains I was chained to a wall I looked around the place to see where I was, the grey brick walls were covered in moss and the floor covered in hay there was a little window high up to the left of me on the wall I was chained to but it was secured with thick metal bars there was also a door in a corner in front of me. I turned around to see Alexis laying unconscious on the floor I immediately checked to see if she was injured but thankful she was fine luckily the chains on my wrists were a bit long so I could move around a little.

"Alex ?" I said trying to wake her (with no luck).

"Alexis wake up !!" I tried again a little louder this time.

"mmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned.

"Alex wake up we gotta get outta here"

"Adam" she said grabbing me and squeezing me tight.

"Awww its gonna be alright sweetie"

"Addy I'm so sorry"

"For what ??"

"For agreeing to those jerks that we'll go with them"

"Alex you had no choice"

"Yeah but I could have done something"

"Like what ?!?!"

"Negotiate with money or something"

"You tried that ! but they don't want money remember ??"


"Don't worry Alexis I'll find us a way outta here"

"How Adam ?? we're chained to the walls !!"

"We'll try"

"This is all my fault"

"No don't say that it's not"

"It is I should have reached for my phone and called someone"

"And gotten us and everyone else killed ? Lets face it ! there were 12 armed guys against 8 of us and not to mention that half of them were women including yourself"

Alexis had now started crying. I immediately caught her up in my arms and squeezed her.

"It's alright Alex"

"W-w-why us ?" she said choking on her tears.

"I don't know sweetheart cause their not even holding us for a ransom"

"Adam ?" she said looking up at me with tears running down her face.

"Yes sweetie ?"

"I-I-I'm scared"

"Awww sweetheart so am I" Alexis was now crying a little more as she buried her head in my chest. I held her closer to me as I whispered some lyrics to her (cause music always calmed her down)

"When the stars are too cold

Frozen over the glow

On the edge of the night

We can be their light" She was now quite and holding me tighter I carried on whispering more,