Murder of Junko Furuta

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DAY 20: December10, 1989: Unable to walk properly due to severe leg burns

Beat with bamboo sticks

Fireworks inserted into anus and lit

Hands smashed by weights and fingernails cracked

Beaten with golf club

Cigarettes inserted into vagina

Beaten with iron rods repeatedly

Winter; forced outside to sleep in balcony

Skewers of grilled chicken inserted into her vagina and anus, causing bleeding

DAY 30: Hot wax dripped onto face

Eyelids burned by cigarette lighter

Stabbed with sewing needles in chest area

Left nipple cut and destroyed with pliers

Hot light bulb inserted into her vagina

Heavy bleeding from vagina due to scissors insertion

Unable to urinate properly

Injuries were so severe that it took over an hour for her to crawl downstairs and use the bathroom

Eardrums severely damaged

Extreme reduced brain size

DAY 40: Begged her torturers to “kill her and get it over with”

January 1, 1989: Junko greets the New Years Day alone

Body mutilated

Unable to move from the ground

DAY 44: January 4, 1989: The four boys beat her mutilated body with an iron barbell, using a loss at the game of Mah-jongg as a pretext. She is profusely bleeding from her mouth and nose. They put a candle’s flame to her face and eyes.

Then, lighter fluid was poured onto her legs, arms, face and stomach, and then lit on fire. This final torture lasted for a time of two hours.

Junko Furuta died later that day, in pain and alone. Nothing could compare 44 days of suffering she had to go through.

On January 5, 1989, the boys filled a 55-gallon drum with concrete, dumped the dead girl's body in the setting concrete. The drum was then cast away somewhere on the reclaimed land in Koto, Tokyo.

When her mother heard the news and details of what had happened to her daughter, she fainted. She had to undergo a psychiatric outpatient treatment. Imagine her endless pain.

Her killers are now free men. Justice was never served, not even after 20 years.

They deserve a punishment much greater than they had put upon Furuta, for putting an innocent girl through the most unbearable suffering.

This story from 1989 is true. Please spread her story around. Everyone should know about the existence of Junko Furuta’s unimaginable and incomprehensible suffering, and this is why this group has been made.

Invite your friends. Never let her story be forgotten. If this story changes the life of at least one person then it has been worth it.

Rest In Eternal Peace,

Junko Furuta


Note: I don’t own anything in here I just want to share this to everyone. 

Every girl needs to be respected they are not created to be beaten up, to be experimented.

I hope you will like it.

I made a short poetry I felt hope you like it.


Forty-four days of suffer.

No one can help you.

Celebrating with no one in the New Year

Motionless, mutilated, tortured, that even my nightmares don’t happen.

You’re soft body as it touches the flame, punches of someone you don’t owe anything

Cockroaches as food Urine as water and water can’t enter your system.

Living alone in a balcony filled with emptiness, sadness and anger.

All you do is sit and cry

Killing you is the best idea- that you think.

Merciless killing possessed by demons;

You lived in your last day as the hell.

Burning within two hours, all you want i0s water.

Like Jesus Christ a water that can save your system from dying,

Water that can help you survives the flame.

Gasoline all over your body, hang like a punching bag and a sex kitten for them.

How I wish they save you, your parent, the police.

As your beautiful body and heart vanished

As your earthly body became mutilated, you can’t move.

All you want is to be happy – to be a normal girl.

As you die with dignity, I know that you’re living happily.

Happy in your status, life and I know God gave you a special present.

A present that money can’t buy or happiness can’t reach.

Your sadness will turn to be happiness; your pain will turn to luxury.

I know that between sadness theirs happiness and I know God give you that.

Goodbye and sleep together with God’s arm Junko Furuta.

He will embrace you for all eternal, you will not feel alone or torture anymore.

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