Moonlight Love

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For every one who believed in me and supported me, especially my best friends.

Thank you Ashley Patterson, my best friend, even though we are not blood related she is still my sissy, thank you Karla Dollberg, my other best friend, and even though we are going through a rough time as I am writing this I hope you can eventually forgive me, for everything I've done, and every thing I might do in the future. Thank you to those of you who don't care for me, though you have made my life tough so far, what you do to me is going to make me grow into a strong and careful adult and I appreciate that.

Ashley, Karla, and Maddi (another friend), I really love that you are always there for me (especially Ashley), and that is why I dedicate this book to all three of you. Thank you for showing me that I can be myself and you'll still love me.

ILY! <3


"But to see her was to love her, love but her, and love her forever."

--Robert Burns

October 2008


"Yes, I do know what I'm getting into." I said. "I'm going to this ball whether you like it or not mom! I'm not a helpless child anymore I'm seventeen."

"Alex, I just think you should at least come home at 12. I know it's just the Halloween ball, you can go to the after party, I just think you should come home. It's Wednesday you have school tomorrow." My mom said. Sometimes she just never understood me at all. She just was to.... You know.... momish. They never understand.

For the ball we had to wear a Halloween costume. My mom was making mine, well more like had it made, she was just tailoring it. I had a renaissance dress on. It was red on the top and on the bottom an eggshell color. The blue accent of my earrings and shoes went with my eyes and made them look like they were sparkling. I had blond hair to go with my electric blue eyes and tan skin.

My mom and I had just moved into a small town house off the main city of Garfield Oregon. She and my step dad had just divorced and we had to move out of our old house in Laguna Beach, California. My real dad still lives in Newport. We decided that I would go see him on holidays. He lived with his wife, my step mom, Theresa. I didn't like her she was mean and rude. Her son is my stepbrother and he is soooo cute. His name is Cody and he is eighteen.

Anyway, I went out to the car when my mom was finished and started the engine. I had the best car here. It of course, thanks to my mom, was a BMW Z4 M Roadster. The leather interior was a deep red, and the trim was chrome. The outside was jet black. The soft top was also black. Even though I couldn't ride with the top down that much because of the rain I still liked it.

The warm air from the heater blasted my chilled face, and dried my damp hair on the way to the high school. I entered the parking lot of the school and it was utter chaos. Almost no parking spaces were left. Above all that the rain had started pounding the roof of the car with its fists of madness, instead of the light drizzle that had once been, but was now gone. The seas of cars were moving altogether now, all over the place looking for a parking space. I found an empty slot and cut off the guy who was trying to get in, ignoring the blare of his horn.

When I got out of the car the rain had stopped all together, and the sky had cleared of all remaining evidence that rain clouds had once stood in that exact dark place in the sky. There was a slight cool breeze in the shadow of the night. I walked over to the big, red, lighted double doors of the gymnasium. Opened the heavy metal doors, and walked through.

One half of the gym had been transformed into a gruesome horror house that was sure to bring back dinner for all to see. The other side was a set of tables and food. Also a huge dance floor was in the middle of it all. A D.J. was at the top of the massive floor on stage playing every song since the 90's.

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