Chapter 18

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Tris P.O.V:

After a few minutes of debating, we decide to play Truth or Dare. I guess it's my turn first as Nita says my name. "Trish, sorry, don't really care how your name's pronounced, but anyway, truth or dare?"
"Dare, obviously, I ain't no pansycake!" I shout as everyone but Nita and Four cheers. Nita rolls her eyes and says "Ok, then. I dare you to... Hmm... I dare you to eat a whole chilli!" she grins mischievously.

I start to laugh when everyone except Uriah and Zeke gives me questioning looks. "Pfft! That's it!" I say, not being able to stop myself from laughing, "Caleb maybe a nerd, but he's still a stupid idiot who picks on his little sister. Now pass me that pepper!" Everyone laughs except Nita, who just scowls.

I eat the pepper with no questions asked whilst staring at the permanent scowl on Nita's face. Ha!

Uriah P.O.V:

We go round the circle and finally it's my turn to do a dare. Why did nobody choose me? I am the master of dares! "Ok, Uriah," my annoying older brother, Zeke, says, "I dare you to... Twerk upside-down while freestyle rapping!" Everybody bursts out laughing when I begin to do it. "W-Wait, let me get my c-camera!" Tris says in tears of laughter.

A couple of minutes after I finish, Tris shows me the video. "I'm just so amazing! Like, obviously." I say, pretending to be Nita (but she doesn't notice). I think the only person who gets it is Tris who begins to cry even more with tears of laughter.

We decided to play Never Have I Ever next. "Ok, if you've never played before, basically, someone says Never Have I Ever and if you have done it, you take a shot." Let's do this.

Tris P.O.V:

Uriah goes first. "Never Have I Ever got married, yet!" The only people to take shots were Zeke and Shauna - their wedding was adorable. Next was Zeke, "Never Have I Ever had a kid." Me and Four take a drink, it was really awkward but it's true I guess, she's not Uriah's kid (sadly) and she's not Nita's kid (thank the heavens!), so...

We play for another 30 minutes and decided to go to sleep. Me, Uriah, Verity and Tiny stay over at Christina and Will's place and everyone else goes home.

++The Next Morning++

I wake up to Uriah and Verity sitting in the corner playing with her dolls... Aww! I sneakily get my phone out and film them, this is so cute!
Shortish chapter but I wanted to update for you guys. Thank you for the lovely comments about wanting me to update so I have! 😝 - Emilee

P.S. Happy Easter!!!

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