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Flowers have colour

Pink, red, blue

People have colours,

Fake or true

Colour lightens your day,

But it can be dull as well as bright,

They give you meaning,

Black for dark and yellow for light

But what if colour were not there,

Would we be able to live?

If colour were gone and a person were responsible,

Would you ever be able to forgive?

Life goes and life comes,

People have bad colours and good colours,

But is the bad colour always bad?

The good's colour could always become duller

Days become years without colour,

Without colour life is a never ending nightmare,

If you have the right colours,

You'll never drop a tear.

Ever realise that sluts have a bad colour,

But when you look into their home life they're the good guy?

And people with a nice colour are usually the bad ones,

You ask me why?

You tell me

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