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your P.O.V

*its Monday and its time for school..*

you: (sleeping and you hear your alarm) ughh! 5 more minutes mane!

mom: (come in and throws pillow at you) girl get up!

Sprinkles: (scamper onto your bed and licks your face)

you: Okay! I'm up...damn..

*10 min later *

you:(as your walking to the door, your stomach starts to hurt again)

mom: your stomach at it again Munchkins?

you: Yeah...and don't call me that!

mom: (chuckles) go on munchkins before your bus leave!

you: ugh

*you hop on the bus and the first thing you see is Ray 's sexy face*

you: (tries to hide your smile)

Adrienne: (looks at you) aha look its her. Hey, how was your slutty night with Andre ?

you: shut up bitch..gosh!

Ray: (taps your shoulder) hay shawty. wassup.

you: (blushes) Oh hey Ray.

ray: (hands you his number) call me lata lil mama . (smiles)

*the whole rest of the while you dazed off in space*

busdriver: Okay you lil rats! get off!

rynisha: (spots you and runs up to you) Hey girl!

you: wassup girl. did you see how cute Ray looked today?

rynisha: ew, he ugly girl. anyway don't get to close to him.. his past girlfriends life was changed after they were with him...

you: that's awesome girl.

rynisha: you didn't hear a word I just said didnt you?

you: I'm so Happy for you!

rynisha: don't say I didst warn you..anyway I gotta get to class. see you later girl. (walks off)

Ray P.O.V

you: you see prod and run up to him. Wassup thug?!

Prod: aye niqqa waddup (hand slaps him)

you: nun mane you seen that girl y/n ?

prod: nahh.. say son. I gotta get to class, check it. (walks off)

*school pases and you finally make it home*

you: (puts key in door and goes in)

mane when this girl gone call me.

*phone rings*

you: (smiles and presses answer)

*y/n P.O.V

you: hey Ray wassup?

Ray: thinking bout you girl.

you: aw you so sweet!

Ray: heh, so um.. you know we've knew each other for a while and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?

you: (speechless) Erm...I... yess !

Ray: (smirks) awesome. so you wanna come over later?

you: sure!

Ray: ight cool..aye lemme call you back babe, ok? I love you

you: ok bae. I love you to! Muah!!

*phone clicks*

ray P.O.V

Ray: (picks up phone and texts Prince )

SunRayRayz: Hey prince, the plan is in motion.

PrinceMisfit: don't be to rough niqqa.

SunRayRayz: psh she's mine now, doesn't matter. peace

y/n P.O.V

you: let's see..what do I wear?

you: (grabs half shirt and red plaid shorts )

you: (jumps in your Benz and drives over to his house)

you: (arrives and knocks on door)

Ray: (opens door) daaamn! look at you. Come on in babe. my ma working late today and dads on vacation so we good!

you: oh cool cool! (sits on sofa)

Ray: (sits beside you and put his hand on your thigh)

you: you start to get tense and nervous.

Ray: relax babe.. (he whispers as he moves his hand to your breast )

you: um.. bae...what are doing?

Ray: you'll see..

you: (moves his hand away) stop..

Ray: come on don't be a punk.. (slowly unbuttons your shirt)

you: Ray! stop please!

Ray: No. (picks you up and shoves you on bed)

you: ow! Ray.. please what are your d-

you: (you instantly stop talking as you see Ray's face ) *his face has a demon look on it as if he's about to pounce on you..*

you: are you Okay..?

Ray: shut up! (takes off belt and tosses it across the room and pins you to the bed)

you: stop it now! (you push him off with force )

Ray: (freezes and moments later sends a hard slap across your face causing it to swell and turn red)

you: i.. ray.. (you start to cry) please..

Ray: (grips your neck with both hands and squeezes)

you: (chokes ) I can't-- breat-

Ray: when I say shut up. I mean it!

you: Okay...I'm sor-

*all of a sudden Ray falls on your chest knocked out and you see a light skinned cute boy with a bat in his hand behind him*

you: um.. thanks..

Diggy: no problem shawty..I'm diggy i heard screams coming from the neighbor's house..are you Okay?

you: uh Yeah I'm fine.. how'd you get in?

Diggy: Mofo left the door open. Ha

you: Oh heh..

Diggy: (helps you up)

you: I'm y/n

Diggy: nice to meet you. you wanna go get some gelato?

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