So im on of those writers who always gets new story ideas and then once i start writing on i cant concentrate on others... But i promise to try finish FoN and My Romeo before i post another one (not including this one...) This is just going to be a sort of an explaination of the story idea and then character descriptions.

Aemilia has a pretty good life. Her dad is paid well, she gets mostly what she wants but she isnt a stuck up snob like most girls would be. But when her dad gets promoted and she is forced to move away from home and her friends, well, then she isnt too pleased. Aemilia is forced into a new life, at a public school. It's hard to fit in when your the new girl in the year. Its even harder when you start a week late. And its harder still if you used to attend an all girls private school...

So thats gonna be the blurb and the general idea is sort of like a mean girls 3? i just got 1 and 2 on dvd and it inspired me to write this story. so its a new girl and then theres the three 'mean girls' and she also has the two friends she makes. then the queen bee's boyfriend and just for fun i decided to add in another guy who is the his friend.

So character descriptions....

Aemilia Valentina - dark ginger/auburn hair and moss green eyes. She's girly but can handle herself, if you get me? but yeah. I imagine her like Madisen Beaty (i'll post a pic with first chapter)

Rane Lefevre - blonde hair and blue eyes. She's the queen bee of the school.  pretty and all the girls are scared of her but admire her at the same time. Taylor Swift.

Syeira Hazelwood - brown hair and brown eyes. She's like mean girl number 2 (after Rane). Thats all i can say. Anna Kendrick

Laveda Kellerman - blonde hair and brown eyes. She's blonde, if you get me? She's a bit gulible and dumb. Ashley Tisdale

Cloe Preston - rown hair and grey eyes. She's crazy but fun loving and she's Amelia's first friend at the new school. Charlie Ray

Aaron James - brown hair and grey/green eyes. He's Chloe's friend and then Aemilia's second friend at school. He's the sensitive gay guy of the group. Adam Gregory

Saul Gold - blonde hair and green eyes. He's Rane's boyfriend  and captain of the football team. Tom Felton

Isaac Williams - brown hair and brown/green/grey eyes (i'm not sure what colour they are) but he's Saul's teammate and friend. thats all im gonna say. Shane Harper

So i will post pictures with every chapter as well as a song (which may link or not, i havent decided) and a story. So i hope you enjoy and you should understand the title after the first upload :D

EMily xxx

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