69 Day Warranty | 01

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H a r r y

          Lift. I was lifted off the rickety bunk for a mere second, until I was shot to the ground. Gravity never was a friend of mine. We went over an endless array of bumps on the road, the pain becoming continual. From below me I heard Zayn groan. He was having just as much fun as me. I bit my tongue, stopping myself from telling him that we were on the same boat. It wasn’t worth it.

Daylight was emerging through the small windows of the tour bus. My arms shielded my eyes, I felt exposed to the brightness. Taking the covers up and over my head felt better. I then tried to fall back asleep.

“Hell yeah!” The noise made its way past the heavy fabric and into my ear. I groaned internally, willing Niall to quiet down. “Tour's over guy's!”

I was caused to nearly roll off my bunk, a heavy bump not helping with my uneasiness. Still under the covers, a growing grin emerged onto my cheeks. It felt like forever since I had smiled this wide. Although, the reasoning for my mood was quite obvious. We were free of work for more than two months.

“Tour’s done already?” Voiced Liam, saying my thoughts out loud. Niall responded with a ‘yes’ causing snores to again, fill the bus.

However I didn’t fall asleep. Thoughts of going home back to Cheshire slipped into my mind. I winced at the thought. I couldn’t go back. Not after what happened. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have a place to go back to. Forcefully, I shook my head. No, I’ll find some place. I can go anywhere.

Except home.

          A bowl of cornflakes was shoved in my direction. Milk splattered out of the bowl, dropping abstractly on the table and on my shirt. I stared at the food, not making any move towards it. Like always, I wasn’t hungry. Stares were shot to my head from Louis, he was motioning for me to eat it. Still, I didn’t.

The boys sighed, but they knew what was coming. Almost as if it were routine for me to not accept the food they gave to me in the morning, but instead, in the afternoon. That was when I gave my stomach the satisfaction. Silverware clicked with the bowls the filled my band mates cereal. Beside me, Zayn chugged down the last of his milk before placing it down back on his place mat. It was mandatory for us to use them; the oak table couldn’t get dirty.

“Harry liven up, it’s the last day of tour!” Liam chirped, grabbing for more cereal.

Ignoring his comment, I stood up from my chair and left my cereal behind. A few steps away from the table was where I reached until the words I heard come out of Louis’ mouth everyday, made their presence acknowledgeable. 'Harry turn around, sit back down and excuse yourself properly.’ Instead, words that made me itch with curiosity were spoken.

“Go to the living room, well meet you there in two.” Surprisingly, I obeyed and turned in the direction of his appointed place. Hopefully they don’t yell at me.

I was perched on the couch; my butt was practically slipping off the side of the cushion after seconds. Everything little thing around me was a bother. The sound of the roaring engine of the bus, a crack in the coffee table ahead of me, a loose stitch in the lining of my jeans – I wanted it all to stop. But I knew far too well that I was never capable of doing so.

Two minutes passed by much sooner than I hoped. Once the four boys emerged in the room, my head ducked down low. It was as if I was too scared to look at them. I was foolish, they were my brothers.

“Um…” Zayn cleared this throat. My eyes directly met all of theirs.

The different coloured irises pierced into me. I gulped, sitting up straighter. It wasn’t that they were intimidating; the boys were just looking at me like I wasn’t capable of doing anything. As if on cue, a smile emerged onto each of their cheeks. To be honest, I felt uncomfortable.

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