How you met

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Obi Wan.

He and Anakin was assigned to protect you. You being the long lost princess of a respected monarchy , you had many people wanting your life .

He had walked in to greet you only to be flustered by your beauty.

Anakin of course , had a ball...


You were obi wans adoptive sister from back in the day.

You had ran away for your abusive boyfriend in search of something more , something you could love and be passionate about.

You had ran into your adoptive brother when you were looking for a ship to rent ,to travel the stars in search for a new home.
The moment Anakin saw who you were , all earlier thoughts of padme went away.

And your face became his light.


Your were the enemy .

Working for Darth Vader , you were powerful and your beauty was out of this world. You loved being on the dark side and never really new what it felt like to be on the light.

You had come across Luke while you were trying to help find the death star plans.

Him and another man were in storm trooper suits , and looked quite ridiculous.

But the moment your eyes met

You felt for a second what it felt like to be on the light side of the force.


You used to be his girlfriend back when he was still Ben.

He lived you and you loved him growing up together and now he was on the dark side. The dark side of the force and your love.

And when he kidnapped you , he knew the moment he still saw you he was in love. It was as if you had never left his heart.

But your love for him was bitter tasting in your mouth , but sweet in your heart.

And it broke his heart in two.


Actually. You met trying to kill him.

Knowing Han , he always was a lady's man. He new how to pick them good and bad , he was smart and witty with his choices .

But with you , he went a little to far.

He had tried to get you to talk to him , dance and have a little drink . But you refused to have anything to do with him due to his reputation when it came to women.

So he did the next best thing.

He just flat out kissed you.

And you flipped.

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