Chapter 2

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"Im so disappointed with you Ms. Fernandez. You were late for 3 consecutive weeks.
Im totally not impressed with it."

my boss, Mr. Bernando, was yelling at me again. it has been like this for 3 whole months
since i've started working in this cheap-newspaper thing.

I dont even know why i was working in here. There were gazillions of option to choose from but .... 
for the love of Gerard, I stayed in this nosy building with smelly and not-so-classy bathroom.

Have I told you Gerard was in the higher position than i do?

"Did I hire the wrong person? Did I really read your resume right and your transcript? you graduated as the Cum Laude in a well-to-do university but you seem to be acting way down below your supposed-intellect" he trailed

i just sighed and look down to the floor. I was sitting by the wooden chair by my boss's office 
what else can i say to him anyway? its not like he could understand a thing. I thought fidgeting my own fingers as I took a long frustrated sigh

"You even forgot the file that I asked you to pass before noon. what has gotten into you, Ms Fernandez?" He demanded slamming the pile of papers in front of his desk

"Im sorry, Mr. Bernardo. it wont happen again. but ..things just..." I stopped.. possibly ransacking something to pull from the back of my head, maybe even thinking of the other way to sayan excuse to tell my almost-50-year old boss the reason why I have not finish it yet
 "just got in my way" I continued
i looked into his eyes and asked him to give me another chance.

"I've heard that already, Ms Fernandez.. things?... like what. Im all ears?"
 His eagles eyes were directed on me which was quite intimidating or maybe I'm putting it lightly with the word itself. It was scary-- it actually reminded me of those days when my grand mother would scold me for not following her rules and a whip to accompany it right on his hands.

I gulped as I watch him entwining both his hands together as he places those on top of his table. He was getting impatient I could tell by those nerves that would probably pop out soon from the side of his eyes

"Well ..." I trailed off.. 

I was not from a well-off family. Truth be told, I dont even have a family here in Manila. My grand mother told me that I was a native of this place but I couldn't bring my self to remember at all that I even lived in Manila way back. 

Growing up in Cebu, I only was raised by my Grandmother and close cousins on my mother's side. No, my parents, from what my grandmother would tell me over, passed away from a car crash that I happen to be in it as well but I couldn't really remember at all.

After my grandmother retired after teaching for 30 years at a local public school in Mactan, just two years ago .. I was expected to double my hardwork and she only had me to rely on expenses such as bills on monthly basis.

So here I am now stuck with financial problems such as the payment for the apartment where Im stayin at because my Grand mother was confined for about a week way back home. So She needed the money and I used my supposed-apartment bill to pay for her hospital

Not only that, Gerard, my long time boyfriend of almost years and years now, has been distant lately.. He was not usually like this. Our usual fight wont last a day but now .. I dont even know why but it breaks my heart whenever he ignores me like that --- like an air

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