The Kiss - Jase and Tess

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The Kiss

I can do this.

Standing a few feet from the guest bedroom door, I said those four words one more time to myself, hoping they'd give me the courage to knock. I can do this.

Inhaling deeply, I forced the lungful of air out very slowly. My knees were knocking together and sweat dotted my palms.

So not hot.

I couldn't remember the last time I was this nervous, which was freaking ridiculous. I'd been dancing in front of crowd of hundreds since I was knee high to a cricket and I didn't get this anxious. Like I'd keel over at any given second, pass out face down in the carpet like a giant dumbass.

But this was about Jase—Jase-Hot-as-Hell-Winstead—and if one thing was sure, when it came to him, nothing about me was expected.

I shouldn't want him like I did. He was older than me, my brother's best friend, and I knew from the conversations I'd overheard—er, eavesdropped on—between him and Cam, Jase put the 'play' in player.

Who would blame him though? If I was a dude and looked like him, my bedroom would be like a bus stop, but the ugly flash of jealousy told me that I wasn't really happy with the idea of Jase being so, um... active.

But it wasn't just his looks. Jase... well, he was like a superhero in my eyes, the only person who'd been capable of pulling my brother out of his depression. Jase saved Cam and in a way, saved me. Because of Jase, I'd been able to let go of some of the guilt that crowded my thoughts on a daily basis. He'd become a friend to me and somewhere over the time, he become something else.

Jase hadn't left the sad excuse for a poker game that was still going on downstairs that long ago, so I knew he wasn't asleep.

And I also knew I shouldn't be standing outside his bedroom door.

Especially considering what I was wearing or lack thereof.

I glanced down at my painted toes and flushed hotly. I'd changed into sleep shorts, the kind that barely covered my ass. My shirt flashed a great deal of my belly and was pretty tight. No bra. And it was kind of chilly upstairs. If Cam or my parents caught me flouncing around dressed like this with Jase in the house, someone would get hurt.

Probably Jase.

This might've been a bad idea.

My attempt at seduction felt a wee bit... lame. Like a little girl playing dress up... or dress down, but I knew if I went back to my bedroom to get changed I wouldn't leave. I'd loose my nerve. It was now or never or the next time he randomly showed up with my brother, and who knew if we'd get this chance again?

Cam was always cock blocking like a mofo.

I can do this.

Taking another deep breath, I rapped my knuckles off the door and then stepped back, fighting the urge to take off running down the hall, giggling like a twelve year old. But this was such a bad idea. A totally bad idea. I needed to leave, because Jase had better things to—

The door swung open and there Jase stood in all his glory. And boy, it was a lot of glory. Like sexy angels harking and all that jazz.

His hair, a messy bronze color fell over his forehead in careless waves, the color of skin deep, hinting at Spanish or Mediterranean bloodlines. He was still wearing what he had own earlier—faded blue jeans that hung low on his hips and old tee shirt that stretched taut across his narrow shoulders.

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