Anniversary - Cam and Avery Bonus Scene

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Fingers glided lazily from the nape of my neck, down to the base of my spine and then lower, over the curve of my bottom. A wash of cool air moved over my exposed skin. My lips curved into a smile as I blinked open my eyes. I wiggled my toes, which turned out to be the only part of me that was still covered since Cam had a habit of waking me everything morning like this, leaving absolutely no room for modesty. But I still folded my arms over my breasts, more out of habit than anything. And seriously, Cam could stroll through our entire apartment complex buck ass naked and it wouldn't faze him. He'd probably do it carrying a plate of homemade cookies or pumpkin bread.

Random acts of nudity were still something I was getting used to.

"Morning," came the sleep rough voice.

I shivered at the sound of his voice and mumbled back, "Morning."

His hand spread across my behind, turning that shiver into something deeper. "What do you have planned for today?"

Snuggling deeper into the warm bed, I wetted my lips. "It's Sunday. I have no papers due. Or exams to study for. I think I'm just going to stay in bed."

"The whole weekend?"


He chuckled as he squeezed my behind. "I kind of like the sound of that."

"I bet you do," I replied dryly.

His warm breath kissed the back of my neck. "But..."

"But what?"

Since his hand was on my butt, I expected him to say something relevant to that, but he didn't answer as he gave my behind a little tap and then his hand was sliding up over my hip, following the curve of my waist. A trail of tiny bumps followed his hand as it folded over my upper arm.

"I have plans today," he announced as he pulled my arm away, exposing my breasts. "Big plans."

My brow puckered. "You do?" He hadn't mentioned plans, and that was odd, because Cam always kept me in the know.

Once he had my arm where he wanted, he continued on his path of waking me up. His hand closed over my right breast, causing me to suck in a sharp breath. "It's a secret plan," he murmured into my ear as he shifted closer, pressing his front to my back.

He was most definitely awake.

Secret plans were nice. Usually I was about seven kinds of curious when it came to Cam's secret plans, but the feel of him resting against the curve of my behind totally obliterated my train of thought.

I was a little awed, like I was every time we were in a position like this, by how far I'd come in a year—how far we'd come in a year. I never thought I could be comfortable in any intimate position, let alone one like this that would've sparked horrifying memories of the night so many years ago. Hell, there was a time that having a guy just brush against me caused those terrifying images to resurface, but not when I was with Cam. Not anymore. That didn't mean I still didn't have moments of blind panic for no reason or the bitter bite of depression didn't come out of nowhere, but that's why I was therapy and that didn't mean that one day I wouldn't be completely free of my past.

Cam dropped a kiss on my right shoulder as his thumb swept over the sensitive tip. "You don't want to know about my plans?"

"I do—" My breath caught at his thumb and finger tightened around my nipple. My back arched, pushing my behind into him.

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