Learn To Play Piano With Cheap Online Lessons

Start from the beginning

These books will allow you to learn basic theory with practical applications that will keep you engaged and interested:

Hal Leonard Student Library

The Hal Leonard series of piano lesson books is the gold standard for beginners. The book starts from pre-reading pieces, which first explain how a piano is organized, the differences between the black and white keys, keyboard positioning and basic techniques. 

The book will allow students to create music from the very beginning with simple instructions and illustrations. The series slowly delves into musical theory and technical considerations while keeping you engaged and excited. The accompanying CD's make the whole process further interesting, making piano fun to learn.

The Hal Leonard Lessons book can be further supplemented with the Hal Leonard Solos books for further practice at each level.

Alfred's Basic Piano Course Lesson Series

The Alfred's piano books series is another unique learning series that helps you master not just music but also focuses on correct hand positioning and posture which are very important and difficult to correct later on. The series take a step by step approach making the book series one of the most popular book towards practical piano skills. 

The book doesn't go into the theory of music and just focuses on the practical aspects of piano learning. It can be a great guide for someone focused only on just learning how to play the piano. The book is more suited for adult beginners than for children.

Alfred's Basic Piano Course Theory Series

The Alfred's Basic Piano Theory Series is designed to work along with the Lesson Series but they don't have to be studied together. The book explores the intricacies of a piano, its working and structure while also looking into the complexity of musical theory.

It teaches both these topics in an easy to comprehend manner that will keep you interested, combining with the Lesson series to give you a more complete understanding of music.

Faber Music Piano Adventures

This series of books take a novel approach in teaching novices how to play the piano. They allow students to explore the piano pedals on their own to truly understand their function. There is also a major focus on skill exercises and instructional theory to better understand the underlying notes behind the keys.

The material is organized in a structured and progressive way which keep the students motivated to learn more. This is a good thing because the student always knows what is coming next keeping him in tune with the books structure. It is a great book for children to start learning from.

Always keep in mind that along with a good book, a good teacher can help you learn faster and correctly. While all the books mentioned above are great literature, one-on-one attention that can only be given by a good teacher is hard to replicate.

As you advance in your piano career, you may want to find a tutor to give you tutorials near your city. Here are some tips to do that to make sure you don't waste your money.

Finding A Local Piano Tutor For Piano Lessons

If you are looking to attend a piano tutorial any time soon then it is imperative to take your time and do extensive research in order to find the best tutor. Finding a tutor you can rely on might seem a little difficult but it doesn't have to be especially if you have the right information. Getting a tutor has never been this easy and in fact, you can start be checking for an ideal expert online. By comparing the different music teachers available it should be easier to finally make your dream of playing pianos a reality. The following are important tips to consider before attending a piano tutorial:

The experience of the tutors- Tutors who have been in business for a long time have a good track record of offering quality piano lessons. You should choose a tutor with many years of experience and high levels of custom approvals. That way you can be sure to get quality lessons that will sharpen you up as an aspiring pianist.

Affordability - Before enrolling to a piano tutorial it is important to also consider the amount of money charged for this service. Different Piano tutors usually charge different prices for their services and In light of this, you should check through the internet and compare these fees in order to pick out an affordable option. Ultimately, you should choose a music teacher you can easily afford at all times.

Certification - Certification is a very important element in piano lessons since it affirms that the tutor is indeed qualified. Before attending piano tutorials it is necessary to check whether the tutor has the necessary documents and licenses. In addition to this, you should ensure the certificate is approved by the relevant institutions just to be on the right side.

Reliability - Reliability is also a very essential consideration when it comes to choosing the right tutor for your piano classes. A good piano tutor should always be available and ready to respond anytime you need their services. It is also imperative to choose a tutor who understand your schedule and works hard to fit in at all times.

Location - Finally it is important to consider the location where you want to attend the piano tutorial. You should choose a place that is convenient for you to avoid spending too much money on transport. Nevertheless, you should always remember that getting the best tutor should be your priority regardless of the location. 

All the same, when you are doing an online search always focus on piano tutors that are within your city. A lot of people often feel better attending lessons near where they live. In addition to this, you can also consider home based lessons from some of the best tutors in your city.

Even though finding the best piano tutor might be hectic and frustrating, with the above tips it should be much easier. Remember the most important thing is to choose a piano tutorial that helps you play the piano better. With the wide variety of providers in the market, getting quality lessons and becoming a great pianist should be easy for you.

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