Learn To Play Piano With Cheap Online Lessons

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Should you spend a fortune on piano lessons when first starting out? Chances are, you don't know the black keys from the white ones except that they're different colors. Let's face it, at this stage, $70/hr expert help is not going to get you much farther than a 7-year old who has played for a few years.

The truth is for most people, at least until you become advanced, is that you shouldn't spend more than you need to. There are many alternatives available for cheap – even free – piano lessons.

For starters, as a beginner, a piano student has to learn the basics by acquiring the answers to the following questions, among others:

How do I read music?
What is a time signature? Key signature?
What are the notes?
What are the chords and how do I make them?
What is the proper sitting posture?
What is the proper hand posture?
What are chord progressions? Chord inversions?

Whether you pay a master-musician mega-bucks or learn from online piano lessons on the cheap, the results will be the same as far as attaining the basic building blocks for future success with the 88 keys. So why pay more?

There are many alternatives today to learn the basics of piano without spending a fortune. One such option is the purchase of a simple electronic keyboard. Virtually costless when compared with the investment in a piano – which will set you back from $5000 to $150,000 to purchase or $100-400 per month to rent – a basic keyboard typically includes programming for "follow along" playing which is a great way to begin learning piano and keyboard basics.

The internet is a great place to find cheap piano lessons as well. In fact, just searching on "piano lesson basics" returned instantly the top ten results offering free piano lessons! There are many, many sites dedicated to the topic. 

Great sites offering free or cheap piano lessons: 


And that's just to name a few and without making any recommendations. 

Don't think that you will be bored with theory and diagrams or that you won't have an actual person teaching you, because you will. Just not in the room with you in the traditional sense.

Piano lessons can be made and obtained cheaply by the use of technology and repetition. 

If the teacher doesn't have to spend time alone with the student but rather can impart the same information to hundreds or thousands of students at the same time, then clearly economies of scale can be created, lowering costs for the teacher as well as for the student.

So how will you have the teacher come to you, see what is being done on the piano and not just read about it? With video of course! And what is the greatest repository of free video ever created? YouTube! 

That's right, free and cheap piano lessons are available either by searching for them directly on YouTube. Additionally, the sites mentioned above, for example, all have embedded links within the articles and sites which lead students to short videos where the teacher does their teaching and demonstrates the lessons that were previously outlined in writing, putting the concepts and theory to practice. 

Conclusion: there is no reason to pay more for basic piano lessons when there are so many free and cheap alternatives. Once you have mastered the basics, consider looking for intermediate and advanced lessons online first to continue to keep costs low.

The next step is to get some decent books for learning piano.

Learning piano without proper guidance can be tough if you delve into the intricacies immediately. A good collection of piano lesson books can be surprisingly useful in helping you achieve your learning goals. It can make the difference between learning piano or quitting it.

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