Kiss Me | Luke Skywalker

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Hoth was boring. The Empire didn't seem to know where we were so there was never much action. Did I forget to mention it's freezing here? So I'm bored and cold. Even Leia is even more touchy with Han. I still thought they were adorable but anyway. Luke and I were the only ones who haven't blown up. But he's given up on trying to entertain me. It was so sweet how he would try to keep me happy and have something to do but we soon both got bored with it. That's why I'm sitting and watching the snow fall as nights begins to settle on Hoth. Soon, Luke came over and joined me. I flashed him a smile and looked back to the falling snow. He sighed and said,"It seems so weird that everything can be so peaceful with everything going on," I looked at him and he continued,"I mean it's so quiet here. No battles going on with the Empire, no screams of people dying." Luke was looking out in the distance which gave me a chance to look at him. His face looked tired, but he looked so grown up from the boy I remember on Tatooine. And he looked so handsome. I eventually got lost looking at him until he turned to me and smirked,"Like what you see?" "Shut up!" I playfully punched his arm. Eventually it turned into a little wrestling match. After a few minutes of messing with each other, we stopped and caught our breaths. Luke then pulled me into his lap and we went back to watching the snow fall as he held me. Inside I was screaming, but I tried to keep my cool. I couldn't tell him how I feel! We've been best friends for too long! I don't want to ruin this.

Han's POV...
I was trying to find Luke until I walked into a room full of laughing and giggling. I saw Luke and Y/N currently in a fun wrestling match. Geez when are they going to get together. Eh I'll come back later.

Reader's POV...
Soon I started to doze off. Luke was warm and cozy. But then I felt his hand run through my hair which sent shivers down my spine. "Are you cold?" he asked. "Oh no I ju-" "Here come here," Luke pulled me up and closer to him. I did warm up more though. I turned to look up at him and smiled,"Why are you so good to me?" I asked. I know we aren't dating but he still treated me so well. He smiled down at me and shrugged. That's when we just kept looking at each other. For a moment his eyes flickered to my lips and then back to my eyes. I felt myself begin to lean in closer signaling he could kiss me but I didn't know if he was going to do that. He did start leaning in but then stopped. We kinda froze in position which made things kind of awkward. Then he finally breathed out,"Kiss me." That was my que. We leaned in and our lips collided. It just made me even more warm. His lips were so gentle and caring. Even when he deepened the kiss and pulled me closer. Unfortunately too soon, a voice completely interrupted us. "It's about dang time kid!" It was Han. We broke apart and I was furious! The first time I get to kiss Luke, Han had to interrupt. I glared at him. "HAN SOLO!" I screamed and he turned and ran as I took off after him. I finally caught up to him and smacked him until he was on the ground. "Hey hey hey! Watch the hair!" He snapped. I put my hands on my hips and sassed,"Why the hell would you interrupt Luke and I?" He stood up,"I was lookin for the kid. We gotta go get ready for tomorrow. Remember? We have to go out and check on some things?" "You could've waited till we were done?" I glared at him. Luke came up and wrapped his arms around me. "Yeah well it looked like you wouldn't have ended it soon," he huffed,"But whatever," he then looked to Luke,"Meet me in a bit kid ok?" Luke nodded and Han walked off. I sighed and Luke turned me around. My face was red and I could feel it. He laughed and hoisted me up to where are faces were very close together. "Kiss me again," he smirked. I smirked and pressed my lips to his. Han's voice rang out again,"Come kid stop sucking her face off!" then came,"OW! What was that for?!" Han yelled. Luke and I slowly broke apart and saw Leia start to drag Han off. "Sorry!" she yelled and was gone. We laughed and Luke gave me a quick kiss again before heading off to Han leaving me all red-faced and happy.
HOPE YOU ENJOYED:):) Sorry if there are any mistakes! I'm too lazy to check over this hehehe! You can request btw! I'll do Luke, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Han. Okkkkk enjoy lovelies❤️

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