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Pen Your Pride

George Shelley long, dirty, romantic imagine

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I haven't read over this so excuse any spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. i will edit it when it gets a bit more reads! Leave comments if you like it, Like and Vote :) Thank You

Claire x

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Imagine... it's you and George's two year anniversary and you are going to the cinema to celebrate. You both wanted to be children and go and see Despicable me 2 because you loved the little minions. so you went and seen the film and it was really cute, you and George sitting back row in the cinema arms around each other and a few sneeky kisses in there.

Next George surprised you, he wouldn't let you know where he was taking you so you sat in his passenger seat whilst he drove you to a lake side with lit up candles all around it. You got out the car and George took your hand. You both walked round to the back of the car and George opened the boot of the car. In there was George's guitar and a picnic basket. You thought to yourself "This is going to be such a lovely night". George dragged you down to the front where all the candles were lit and he sat down next to you with his guitar on his lap. He started signing "Beneath your beautiful" by Labrinth and Emile Sande. As soon as he finished the last strum of his guitar you leaped onto him and slowly kissed him. You knew he loved you more than anything but you loved him more.

next George took you out clubbing but you weren't that keen on it incase any other boys started talking to you or if and girls started to talk to george. But you had an amazing night, you and george had a lot of drinks so you got home and pulled George into bed. he landed on top of you and he slowly kissed your neck making you let out a moan. you alowly put your hands down his skinny jeans as he put his hands up your top. the next thing you were moaning and the bed squeaking.

you jumped down next to George after you both had finished having some fun. George turned to you and lay his head next to yours looking into your eyes softly. He let out a big  "OH MY GOSH" you jumped out asking what was wrong and he looked at you worried "Did we just use protection?" You were really unsure if you did, you didn't see him opening a pak. "Oh my... i really hope we didn't go that hard that you will be pregnant, if you are I will get killed of your dad, remember what he said." George was really scared now.

"George seriously don't worry i didn't feel anything hit me so I'm sure I will be okay plus I'm nineteen it's okay to have unprotected sex!"

the next day you woke up with a hangover but George wasn't lying next to you , you looked at your phone and there was a text from George explaining he was at the shop getting a few pregnancy tests. he ran into the house and upstairs and flang the pregnancy tests at you shouting "Go pee on the sticks"

so you got out of bed which took alot of effort and went to the toilet, you peed on the sticks. you pulled your shorts back up and walked out the bathroom into your room. there was george sitting on your bed looking nervous "Sooo... are you pregnant or?"

you sat down next to him and looked down at the tests, they both displayed "PREGNANT" Writing in capital letters. you started crying as soon as you seen the word. not knowing if it was happy or sad tears. you looked at george he was sitting at the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. he looked heartbroken "George, are you okay?" he looked round at you, he burst out crying. "I shouldn';t have done it I shouldn't have went and got drunk, i'm sorry i really am, your mum and dad are not going to let me see you anymore..."

at that exact moment there were a chap at the house door and in came your mum and dad. they seen the pregnancy tests at the edge of the bed and looked at them. Lets just say they weren't really happy and you are never going to see george again!!

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