Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

I glanced at my watch and decided that I'd go home I got up from
the bar stool and looked for Amanda and Rachel who were drunk out of their minds. I sighed massaging my temple as I watched them dance on the table. "Amanda, Rachel get down from there!!." I shouted out no doubt turning heads of nearby people. "Heyyyyyy Paige." Rachel slurred while giggling. I rolled my eyes and after some minutes finally got them down from the table. "Paaaaaige what are you doing?" Amanda asked pouting. "Taking you drunken idiots home." I said dragging them along to the car. I made them both sit at the back with the windows down so that they could get some air then drove off home.

"Twinkle Twinkle *hiccup* little staaar *hiccup* how I wonderrrrrr *hiccup* what you are, *hiccup* up above the world so high-" I watched in amusement as Rachel sang her drunken version of 'Twinkle, Twinkle little star.' and so being the awesome best friend I am I videotaped it stifling my laughs as she stretched on the couch and pointed at the ceiling as if it were the sky. Amanda was fast asleep on the couch across from Rachel. No later Rachel dosed off as well. I took off their heels and placed two glasses of water and an advil for each glass on the center table. I then turned off the lights and got myself ready for bed.

"Shit!!." Someone cursed as they hit up into the door. I instantly sat up in my bed on full alert mode. I took up the first thing I felt which so happened to be my 6 inch heels and inched slowly towards the door with my shoe in front of me as if it was a shield. I took in a deep breath when the door knob turned achingly slow as if not wanting to wake someone up. Well too bad honey I'm already up. The door then opened to reveal Reece covered in bruises. "The hell Reece." I sneered flicking the light switch on to get a better view of his face placing my shield down in the process.

He looked at me in amusement as I did this. "Seriously?, out of all the things you could have defended yourself with ....................... a shoe?" I glared at him, he was obviously trying to change the subject but I wasn't led away that easily. He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair then walked past me into the room. I softly closed the door behind me and faced him. "What happened?" I asked, my hands placed on my hip. "Nothing." He spat. "Those bruises don't look like nothing." I argued. "I said nothing just drop it Paige." We had a stare down for a couple of seconds I shivered slightly as Reece's gray eyes darkened by the second I sighed in defeat looking away. "Fine." I said. "but at least let me take care of the bruises." After having a mental debate with himself he agreed.

I grabbed a stool and placed it in front of him went into the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit then sat down. I dabbed the cotton with some alcohol and wiped away the dry blood from the minor cuts on his face.

He jumped slightly as he hissed luckily though he didn't have a black eye. I then tended to the cut on his lip. Feeling slightly uncomfortable as his gray eyes stared at me as if he was trying to figure out something. I wiped it slowly and sighed. Were his lips always this pink and soft . Snap out of it Paige. What the hell are you thinking?!! I shook my head of the horrid thoughts and continued then I absent mindly removed the cotton replacing it with my thumb instead. The atmosphere instantly changed into something different.

While doing this he grabbed my wrist to stop me causing me to look at him. His eyes darted down to my lips and he leaned in slightly giving me a better view of his grey eyes that lacked emotion.

"Paige." He croaked then he cleared his throat looking away. I then snapped back into reality and stood up from the stool. My cheeks redder than a tomato. What. The. Hell. "Ummm." I said taking the first aid kit from the floor. "That's it." Then I placed the kit back in the bathroom. He nodded and rubbed the back of his neck then got up. I turned around to leave the bathroom when he was entering it with his towel in hand. We blushed and then moved to the left at the same time and then moved to the right at the same time again. "I'm gonna go this way." I said pointing to the left. "Uhhh, yh." He said with an awkward laugh then we did just that.

When the bathroom door closed I glanced at the door slightly then face plummeted myself into my side of the bed.

Well talk about awkward .

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Btw I'm not 100% sure how absent mindly is spelt and stuff so yh if it's an error well ya. I'll be updating soon.

xx purplexlavender

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