How To Write A Good Werewolf Story

Start from the beginning

Not to mention the fact that you've just gotten rid of a lot of great character building and interaction between your two main characters, which will just make the reader impassive if not uncaring about the characters themselves. As my Lit teacher once told me: "Make the reader fall in love with the characters before they fall in love with each other"


Yes, it's so very interesting and "unique" to have a white wolf but when so many (published) werewolf stories and myth surround the fact that the wolf coat matches the human form's hair color its just strange and unnatural to have a dark haired character turn into a snow white wolf. This doesn't mean you cant have a white wolf but at least make it a bit more plausible and let the human side have white or "white blonde" hair. Not only is it unique(for humans) but its also makes things a bit more easy to swallow(unless you plan for it to be a full blown fantasy where different color pelts is the last thing people would question. If so ignore what I just said) .

*Also it's not as "unique" for wolves to have white coats unless they live in non-snowy climates(California, Florida, etc). And then it's more of a liability than a strength(think of rabbits; they grow white fur during the winter to hide from predators in the snow and brown fur in the summer to easily hide in the brush, so to make a wolf white in a mostly dry climate is bad. They're more likely to be spotted, by both humans and other wolves. Making them easy targets).

Step 4) A wolf's coat has nothing to do with their power or position in a pack. 

I've seen this a number of times around Wattpad. This, to me, is just ridiculous. "A white wolf is super special and powerful but a black wolf should be an omega, beaten down and used for ridicule"??? Where's the reasoning in that? Why is this particularly colored wolf worse or better off than another? What makes them so powerful? "A black wolf can only be an Alpha and all other wolves are beneath them". I'm pretty sure if you replaced "wolf" in those sentences with "person" it would not be so easy to accept, now would it? It may not be the author's intentions but it does come off having racist undertones. Especially when you make that a steadfast rule in your book with little to no reasoning, no lore, behind it. So watch what you do with this werewolf trope people.

Writing wise, it's so very boring and unoriginal. A super special, super unique character(aka werewolf with a white or black coat) is born with super unique and powerful abilities. Been there, done that, snore. Harry Potter may have been born as a prophesied child but he did all that WORK to actually become it. Percy Jackson may have been born from one of the three most powerful gods in Greek history but he WORKED to earn his own place as "hero". Whatever happened to character striving for greatness, working for their abilities or even just working to get to the top?

Instead of having your characters pop out of the womb with this special ability, have them work to achieve it. I'd much rather read a story about this no name, not so special werewolf coming from nothing to achieve greatness instead of some prophesied, overpowered werewolf doing exactly what was "prophesied" from page one.

I honestly just don't understand Wattpad writers' obsession with looks and their connection to power/rank. Like my aunt's dog is an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier, is a chubby little thing, but she's the Alpha bitch among my aunt's 5 dogs (most of them larger breed dogs). This dog is small enough for me to yeet across a field with two hands, is essentially a mutt, and her name is PRINCESS for crying out loud but that bitch scares me sometimes. She'd probably kill me in my sleep if she didn't like me so much. 

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