Chapter 1

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A/N : So this is basically the end of episode 4 Unleashed of teen wolf season 3 where Derek throws everybody out of his house.

Ps. I dont own a ounce of teen wolf sadly haha belongs to mr jeff davis I think lol  Jeff <3

Pps. Warning if you dont like gay shipping then dont read please.

Ppps. There might be smex O.O okie there will be smex in restricted chapters lol 


Chapter 1 - Get out

Derek growled as he yelled for Cora and Isaac to get out of his loft." Come on Derek I got nowhere to go" Isaac said smiling in slight fright at Derek deep in thought. Allot had happened today and Derek was on edge both Issac and Cora knew. 

Unknowing what to do Isaac texted Stiles to come because Scott's phone was broken, so maybe Stiles could talk some sense into Derek.

Derek glanced at Issac and Cora. "Leave, Get out" Derek growled as Cora whimpered from behind the wall she was hiding behind. She finally got to see her brother after so long and this is what happens.

"Derek please come on don't act like that" Isaac said laughing in disbelief as he put his phone into his pocket.

"Who did you text" Derek growled eyes turning red.

"Nobody" Isaac responded he couldnt belief at how Derek was acting, well maybe it wasnt that of a shocker.

"Who the fuck did you text" Derek growled getting feral and adding his alpha tone into it.

Lowering his head Isaac told Derek, Stiles was coming.

"Get the Fuck out of here right now you two" Derek said loosing it as Cora shed a few tears running out of the loft.

"Derek, Derek come on you know I got nowhere to go, Dont do this to me" Isaac said pleading now.

"You," He pointed at Isaac " This is your last warning" Derek growled loosing his patients.

"Derek, please for the last time you know I have nowhere to go" Isaac said as his voice trembled a little.

"Get. The. Fuck. Out"! Derek screamed throwing a mug at Isaac.

Isaac stood still as memories of the past where a cup was thrown at him. Looking at Derek, Isaac had lost some respect for Derek as he turned and walked away passing Stiles as Stiles gave him a look but Isaac kept his head down feeling broken slightly.

Derek turned around and stared out the window thinking about what Deucalion had said to him until he heard footsteps approaching him. Thinking it was Isaac, Derek didnt bother to turn his body as he stared at the Romans omen of something bad was coming, Thunder.

Stiles looked at Derek as he approached slowly wrapping his arms around Derek's waist and resting his head on his shoulder. "Derek whatever is happening you gotta tell us ,we're pack" Stiles said inhaling as Derek deflated a little, shoulders lowering, he couldnt deny his mate even though Stiles didnt know he was a mate to Derek.

"Stiles" Derek said muttering getting kinda annoyed.

"Derek" Stiles hummed into Derek's shoulder sending vibrations of pleasure through Derek.

"Stiles" Derek growled as he pushed Stiles off of him.

"What the hell Derek, just because you have problems doesnt mean you take it out on your pack, we gotta work through this together" Stiles growled.

"You dont know what is going to happen" Derek growled angry now as he yanked Stiles by his collar and slamed him against his table next to the rain blurred window. "I'm scared" Derek said nuzzling Stiles neck.