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Hope you read the description first :D, anyways this isnt a chapter, this is just going to be a brief summary.
This is a ReaderxChloePrice fanfic, this story mainly revolves around your relationship with Chloe Price and how it develops.So sorry any Pricefield shippers, there wont be a lot of Max and Chloe moments, because it's mainly you and Chloe moments ;). This fanfic will continuously shift from past to present. We try our best to deliver the best storyline and despite being huge LIS fans, we sometimes tend to forget the details and realism, so sorry D: Note that two poeple trying to type on one keyboard is very struggling so if there any typos, we aren't even sorry we are are exhausted from trying to dominate the fucking keyboard.
You moved to *somewhere* to attend a school for *the field your interested in* 3 years ago, leaving your home Arcadia Bay and your Brother Michael.You were almost done with your course and you were all stressed out and shit, so you decided to take a break and come back home to Arcadia. You found out that Blackwell Academy was lacking in faculty members, even though your reason for coming back is because you wanted a break, but you just thought that maybe doing this could also help you for your future, experience and stuff. Because you didn't even graduate yet, you didn't exactly have a degree, but while you were attending Blackwell, you had awesome grades and extraordinary records (You are a good student, this is needed for the story) so Principal Wells could pull a few strings.(In the game, Blackwell Academy wasn't exactly rich and they needed fundings, the school was basically run by the Prescott's Donations, and they wouldn't really be happy to be addding more money for a kid that wants a job, so you aren't really working there, you're like an intern). So, the story begins where you just landed at the airport and your brother Michael picks you up.

Thanks for reading. Bai :D
-Kenneth and Ty

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